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Different Forge versions and Mods with new launcher


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Hi there

I have the new minecraft launcher and a 1.5.2 forge and 1.6.2 forge "minecraft version".

But i have a problem.


Both of the updated minecraft forge version use the same mods folder.


You know that that didnt work ;-)



Is there any solution for that problem ?


Can i change some directorys on the different forge versions ?


For example i create two mods folder in the main minecraft directory:


- Mods folder 1.5.2

- Mods folder 1.6.2


And link the different forge versions to the right mods folder ?



Thx for help

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I see that path allready but thats not a real deal. You dont want to use 10 different launcher for 1 game  :P

Thats why minecraft has now its own launcher, or i think that was the idea.


Forge will go also the same very nice way with the new forge versions. Its a little script part to change a directory. But you must know where it is  :)


Any forge user can create a folder with a special name. So that will be not a problem.





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Hi LexManos

Thx for your answer. I try that but it seems to doesn't work.

The launcher will install or update everytime in the main .minecraft.


I think they doesn't recognize that i have change the directory in the profil. They launch the jar files everytime from "version" in the main folder but the game directory is in a other folder.

I also try to split them complete to a other partition but same result.


Did you have made a special thing that this would be work ?



Thx for your help and answer

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