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Tick Lag Problems

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I'm playing with a moderately big modpack, like 70 mods, and the tick lag is sometimes really low(3ms average), and sometimes it spikes up really high. Sometimes mobs like overspawn or something, and that causes massive lag, tick lag and fps lag. Im usually fine with fps, but tick lag is really bothering. I have added multiple performance mods and allocated mroe ram, but it never really helps. This has by far been my biggest problem while playing modded. Any help? I have some screenshots, so ill link them here since i cant upload them here for some reason.





when tick lag is low


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    • What is the 1.16.5 version of the method?
    • hello, I'm trying to set stuff up so I can make a mod for 1.7.10 and every time i put in "gradle eclipse" it gives me this, i followed the video exactly but i just get this. FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. > Connecting to Daemon * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring root project 'WeaponsTest'. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':classpath'.    > Using insecure protocols with repositories, without explicit opt-in, is unsupported. Switch Maven repository 'forge(http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven)' to redirect to a secure protocol (like HTTPS) or allow insecure protocols. See https://docs.gradle.org/7.0/dsl/org.gradle.api.artifacts.repositories.UrlArtifactRepository.html#org.gradle.api.artifacts.repositories.UrlArtifactRepository:allowInsecureProtocol for more details. I would appreciate it if anyone can help me, thank you.
    • Hi! I would like to render the second layer of the player skins in 3D, but when I even try to change the position of the player's hat, nothing changes. Here is the Class: public class SkinLayerRenderer extends LivingRenderer<AbstractClientPlayerEntity, PlayerModel<AbstractClientPlayerEntity>> { public SkinLayerRenderer(EntityRendererManager p_i46102_1_) { this(p_i46102_1_, false); } public SkinLayerRenderer(EntityRendererManager p_i46103_1_, boolean p_i46103_2_) { super(p_i46103_1_, new PlayerModel<>(0.0F, p_i46103_2_), 0.5F); this.addLayer(new BipedArmorLayer<>(this, new BipedModel(0.5F), new BipedModel(1.0F))); this.addLayer(new HeldItemLayer<>(this)); this.addLayer(new ArrowLayer<>(this)); this.addLayer(new Deadmau5HeadLayer(this)); this.addLayer(new CapeLayer(this)); this.addLayer(new HeadLayer<>(this, .5f, .5f, .5f)); //index = 5 this.addLayer(new ElytraLayer<>(this)); this.addLayer(new ParrotVariantLayer<>(this)); this.addLayer(new SpinAttackEffectLayer<>(this)); this.addLayer(new BeeStingerLayer<>(this)); } public void render(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, float f1, float f2, MatrixStack matrix, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int n) { this.setModelProperties(player); this.model.hat.visible = true; this.model.hat.y = 10; this.model.hat.z = 10; this.model.hat.x = 10; super.render(player, f1, f2, matrix, buffer, n); } public Vector3d getRenderOffset(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, float f1) { return player.isCrouching() ? new Vector3d(0.0D, -0.125D, 0.0D) : super.getRenderOffset(player, f1); } private void setModelProperties(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player) { PlayerModel<AbstractClientPlayerEntity> playermodel = this.getModel(); if (player.isSpectator()) { playermodel.setAllVisible(false); playermodel.head.visible = true; playermodel.hat.visible = true; } else { playermodel.setAllVisible(true); playermodel.hat.visible = player.isModelPartShown(PlayerModelPart.HAT); playermodel.jacket.visible = player.isModelPartShown(PlayerModelPart.JACKET); playermodel.leftPants.visible = player.isModelPartShown(PlayerModelPart.LEFT_PANTS_LEG); playermodel.rightPants.visible = player.isModelPartShown(PlayerModelPart.RIGHT_PANTS_LEG); playermodel.leftSleeve.visible = player.isModelPartShown(PlayerModelPart.LEFT_SLEEVE); playermodel.rightSleeve.visible = player.isModelPartShown(PlayerModelPart.RIGHT_SLEEVE); playermodel.crouching = player.isCrouching(); BipedModel.ArmPose bipedmodel$armpose = getArmPose(player, Hand.MAIN_HAND); BipedModel.ArmPose bipedmodel$armpose1 = getArmPose(player, Hand.OFF_HAND); if (bipedmodel$armpose.isTwoHanded()) { bipedmodel$armpose1 = player.getOffhandItem().isEmpty() ? BipedModel.ArmPose.EMPTY : BipedModel.ArmPose.ITEM; } if (player.getMainArm() == HandSide.RIGHT) { playermodel.rightArmPose = bipedmodel$armpose; playermodel.leftArmPose = bipedmodel$armpose1; } else { playermodel.rightArmPose = bipedmodel$armpose1; playermodel.leftArmPose = bipedmodel$armpose; } } } private static BipedModel.ArmPose getArmPose(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, Hand hand) { ItemStack itemstack = player.getItemInHand(hand); if (itemstack.isEmpty()) { return BipedModel.ArmPose.EMPTY; } else { if (player.getUsedItemHand() == hand && player.getUseItemRemainingTicks() > 0) { UseAction useaction = itemstack.getUseAnimation(); if (useaction == UseAction.BLOCK) { return BipedModel.ArmPose.BLOCK; } if (useaction == UseAction.BOW) { return BipedModel.ArmPose.BOW_AND_ARROW; } if (useaction == UseAction.SPEAR) { return BipedModel.ArmPose.THROW_SPEAR; } if (useaction == UseAction.CROSSBOW && hand == player.getUsedItemHand()) { return BipedModel.ArmPose.CROSSBOW_CHARGE; } } else if (!player.swinging && itemstack.getItem() == Items.CROSSBOW && CrossbowItem.isCharged(itemstack)) { return BipedModel.ArmPose.CROSSBOW_HOLD; } return BipedModel.ArmPose.ITEM; } } public ResourceLocation getTextureLocation(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player) { return player.getSkinTextureLocation(); } protected void scale(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, MatrixStack matrix, float f) { float f1 = 0.9375F; matrix.scale(0.9375F, 0.9375F, 0.9375F); } protected void renderNameTag(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, ITextComponent text, MatrixStack matrix, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int n) { double d0 = this.entityRenderDispatcher.distanceToSqr(player); matrix.pushPose(); if (d0 < 100.0D) { Scoreboard scoreboard = player.getScoreboard(); ScoreObjective scoreobjective = scoreboard.getDisplayObjective(2); if (scoreobjective != null) { Score score = scoreboard.getOrCreatePlayerScore(player.getScoreboardName(), scoreobjective); super.renderNameTag(player, (new StringTextComponent(Integer.toString(score.getScore()))).append(" ").append(scoreobjective.getDisplayName()), matrix, buffer, n); matrix.translate(0.0D, (double) (9.0F * 1.15F * 0.025F), 0.0D); } } super.renderNameTag(player, text, matrix, buffer, n); matrix.popPose(); } public void renderRightHand(MatrixStack matrix, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int n, AbstractClientPlayerEntity player) { this.renderHand(matrix, buffer, n, player, (this.model).rightArm, (this.model).rightSleeve); } public void renderLeftHand(MatrixStack matrix, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int n, AbstractClientPlayerEntity player) { this.renderHand(matrix, buffer, n, player, (this.model).leftArm, (this.model).leftSleeve); } private void renderHand(MatrixStack matrix, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int n, AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, ModelRenderer arm, ModelRenderer sleeve) { PlayerModel<AbstractClientPlayerEntity> playermodel = this.getModel(); this.setModelProperties(player); playermodel.attackTime = 0.0F; playermodel.crouching = false; playermodel.swimAmount = 0.0F; playermodel.setupAnim(player, 0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F); arm.xRot = 0.0F; arm.render(matrix, buffer.getBuffer(RenderType.entitySolid(player.getSkinTextureLocation())), n, OverlayTexture.NO_OVERLAY); sleeve.xRot = 0.0F; sleeve.render(matrix, buffer.getBuffer(RenderType.entityTranslucent(player.getSkinTextureLocation())), n, OverlayTexture.NO_OVERLAY); } protected void setupRotations(AbstractClientPlayerEntity player, MatrixStack matrix, float x, float y, float z) { float f = player.getSwimAmount(z); if (player.isFallFlying()) { super.setupRotations(player, matrix, x, y, z); float f1 = (float) player.getFallFlyingTicks() + z; float f2 = MathHelper.clamp(f1 * f1 / 100.0F, 0.0F, 1.0F); if (!player.isAutoSpinAttack()) { matrix.mulPose(Vector3f.XP.rotationDegrees(f2 * (-90.0F - player.xRot))); } Vector3d vector3d = player.getViewVector(z); Vector3d vector3d1 = player.getDeltaMovement(); double d0 = Entity.getHorizontalDistanceSqr(vector3d1); double d1 = Entity.getHorizontalDistanceSqr(vector3d); if (d0 > 0.0D && d1 > 0.0D) { double d2 = (vector3d1.x * vector3d.x + vector3d1.z * vector3d.z) / Math.sqrt(d0 * d1); double d3 = vector3d1.x * vector3d.z - vector3d1.z * vector3d.x; matrix.mulPose(Vector3f.YP.rotation((float) (Math.signum(d3) * Math.acos(d2)))); } } else if (f > 0.0F) { super.setupRotations(player, matrix, x, y, z); float f3 = player.isInWater() ? -90.0F - player.xRot : -90.0F; float f4 = MathHelper.lerp(f, 0.0F, f3); matrix.mulPose(Vector3f.XP.rotationDegrees(f4)); if (player.isVisuallySwimming()) { matrix.translate(0.0D, -1.0D, (double) 0.3F); } } else { super.setupRotations(player, matrix, x, y, z); } } } Can someone help me?
    • i'm wondering, how does forge works exactly ? i don't really see that explained anywhere, so, how is fml launched ? what does the installer does to the game folder ? which files are modified ? Thanks
    • 1.12 is no longer supported. Post the full log you get on 1.15.2.
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