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problem with checking entity dimension for rendering and damage dealt


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I have everything set up and working, except the method always returns true for some reason. Can anyone help me fix the problem?

Here's the method that is always returning true


public static boolean entityInLyoko(Entity ent)
    	if(ent != null)
    		if(ent.dimension == DimensionIds.CARTHAGE || ent.dimension == DimensionIds.ICE
    				|| ent.dimension == DimensionIds.MOUNTAIN || ent.dimension == DimensionIds.FOREST
    				|| ent.dimension == DimensionIds.DESERT || ent.dimension == DimensionIds.CORTEX
    				|| ent.dimension == DimensionIds.DIGITALSEA)
    			return true;
    	return false;


Any help would be appreciated! the entities are in dimension 0 when I'm testing this btw.


EDIT: nvm. I realized that the problem was that CORTEX and DIGITALSEA were never initialized so they defaulted to 0. The problem has been fixed.

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