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How do I use Capabilities for this (1.15.2)


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I'm new to Forge API, I'm trying to make a mod that only revives a player until x amount, and after that nothing, even if you die. I made a revive part, however when it comes to capability, I have no idea. I saw some tutorials, yet they are too confusing for me, and I'm struggling to get it right. I know you need PlayerClone event to keep the value after death, but do I need  playerconnect / playerChangeDimension events? I'm confused over how to save Capabilities , Make it persist, then load it in another file, like my Revive class, or basically confused in everything about Capabilities .

I just need orientations or help to where go from this, as I have no idea. Do I need packets for something this basic? If so, how do I make packets?

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This tutorial from 1.12.2 is as easy as anyone could possibly explain it, it hasn't changed much til now except some slight changes here and there for you to figure out, it's pretty straightforward (https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/forge-tutorial-capability-system/). Obviously instead of mana you'd just replace it with whatever else you're doing. All a capability is in essence is the ability to serialize/deserialize standard data types to an entity. When the player dies the game creates a new instance of a PlayerEntity object so your data won't automatically "transfer" over to that new object unless as you say, you copy the data over in an event hook.

After you have this set up, if you want to access the data you store in player capabilities you create a class with a static get function that retrieves it.

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