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  1. Hey, I wanna to change the Display Name of a one Player. For example every Time if the Player221 join a Server he will get the Display Name [Admin]Baum. Here is my Code, it won't work @SubscribeEvent public void renderName(PlayerEvent.NameFormat event) { String name = event.entityPlayer.getGameProfile().getName(); String baum = "[Admin]Baum"; String abcd = "Player221"; if(name.equals(baum) || name.equals(abcd)) { event.displayname = "[Admin]Baum"; } } The Event is registered with the EVENT_BUS on the Client Side. MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new Admin());
  2. How can i set the Resource pack to default, for example with a command? Minecraft.getMinecraft().gameSettings.resourcePacks With this or something other? Thank you for help!
  3. Hey, I wanna to remove more than one item, out of the crafting grid. All works fine, only when the input is smaler than 2 x remove stack, it doesn`t work... Here is my code:
  4. I think you need C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_171\bin\javaw.exe
  5. Did you have replaces java, with your java-path?
  6. sorry, I missunderstood you: here is my registery: GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(quest_tileentity.class, "luckyblockoect:quest"); It`s after the Block registery in the preInit. Ok, the block class is fixed:
  7. @Override public TileEntity createNewTileEntity(World worldIn, int meta) { return new quest_tileentity(); }
  8. Hey, I`ve got a problem: I created a tileentity, all works fine but if somebody die on the server, he can`t respawn. Here, my TileEntity class: And here my Server Log: Thank you very much!
  9. Hello, I wanna to check the Slot Content (Serverside), i think the onUpdate() Methode will be work? But how does the onUpdate() Method is called in 1.12, or is there a better way to solve my problem? Thank you for help
  10. Hey, How can I disable Player moving and jumping? Thank you for help!
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