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  1. The "inventory" block state variant is unnecessary since 1.13, you need to define an Item model.
  2. This is an even better example, if you don't manage to use this, then learn java first.
  3. It java, but it's a pseudo (example) code, you need to implement everything for yourself.
  4. By the way, this is gonna freeze the game: int i = 0; long time = System.currentTimeMillis(); while(time != time+5000) { i++; } if(time < 1) { this.getAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.MOVEMENT_SPEED).setBaseValue(0.20f); } (From the code you pasted)
  5. If you look at my example, it starts counting when you set the boolean to true. You can set the boolean to true in the damageEntity method and set the stats in that, then do other changes after the counting is done.
  6. If you already have code in your tick method, write everything after it.
  7. This is what I exactly wanted to know, if you already have that method overidden. For example: (You should set the increaseStats to true when you want it to count the time.)
  8. You said that the stat applying when the entity is hit is done, could you post your entity's code somewhere?
  9. You need to put a Item model in the assets/<modid>/models/item/ folder with the name of your block (firstblock.json) and it should have some value like this: Of course it depends on your Minecraft version if this is correct, but give it a try.
  10. Does your entity have a method that runs periodicly? Like a tick event or an event for the AI? If there is then I can provide you with a crude example, but be aware that it won't be the most preformant one, so be sure to not to use too many of these entities at the same time or you're going to lag.
  11. Hi everyone! So I made a custom ItemBlock, that has the Item/Generated model set to it always with a seed texture. The way I differentiate them is by using IItemColor. It works nice, but my next plan for my mod is to add a lot of these items (and blocks that basically work the same way with IBlockColor). I was wondering if there's a way to set the item's model by code instead of creating json files for them one by one (and if there's a way to set the blockState's models from code too). Thanks for any help!
  12. If you declare your blocks in a DefferedRegister than you can do something like this:
  13. This is just what I need, thank you. However, I'm still getting the same errors from this multipart blockstate:
  14. I didn't want to use vanilla blockstates for a reason, by default if I have one blockstate for my block, it's okay to use it, but when I have two (in my case facing and growth) that means that I have to declare everything [facing] X [growth] times which is 28. I didn't wanted to declare 28 states, but I guess I'm gonna have to, unless there's a documentation for the custom loader with an example. (Again, forgedocs says something about the custom loader, but no example or the use of this new "loader" tag) Thanks anyway.
  15. Can you provide me with an example, please? The forgedocs still has forge blockstates in it for 1.15.x .
  16. Hi everyone! I have a slight issue with the forge BlockStates currently, I set the variants as I should, but it cannot use them. My BlockState JSON: Error messages: I'm clueless. If someone can help me that would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  17. I may have another, and last question, why isn't MCPBot getting updated above 1.14.3, while there are a lot of newer versions of Minecraft? I get that reverse engineering these maps by themselves take a long time, but it was weird for me that they didn't even update for 1.14.4 after a this long time.
  18. Oh, I thought I can use it because they shared the obfuscation maps saying this: As I read it, it mostly contains that we can't share code, that has been deobfuscated with these maps, but that doesn't mean that we can't use it as a reference, and then just share the modifications themselves. I don't get it. Why did they write a license on the maps (that should help modders), if they cannot be used for making our mods and Forge itself? It doesn't make any sense to me. If I, by myself use it, only as a reference to compile my code, then I release the mod without it, then I can use it, can't I?
  19. Hi everyone! As a lot of you may know by now, Mojang shared their original deobfuscation maps for every new Minecraft version. My problem is, that when I try to write my mod for 1.15.1, with the latest MCPBot mapping (1.14.3), well, of course, I'm getting a lot of obfuscated code. How can I use the deobfuscation map that Mojang provides instead, so I can write my mod with knowing every method, variable, class and parameter? If I wrote something stupid, please point it out! Thanks for any help!
  20. Hi everyone! I saw the other day, that forge for Minecraft 1.15.1 is out, so I decided to update my mod to it. By in itself, this would have been okay, but the GLStateManager got reworked, and all of the methods got changed. I found most of the ones I used, but I saw something really weird. The TranslateD method was deprecated in this version, and when I used it (with the player's position, like in 1.14.4), it just didn't make the same result. It got all over the place. Does anyone know what did they change in the GLStateManager so I can fix my code? Thanks for any help!
  21. I looked at the vanilla classes, and they do it in such a way that I don't want to implement, I think I'll do the loading in of the recipes and their syntax by myself. My other questions are still present: * How do I load a file from a specific location? (i.e. .minecraft/abfem/recipes/) * How should I handle them only on the server? * What should I use to store the recipes? * How can I make the determining of the used recipes efficient enough? Thanks for any help!
  22. Hi everyone! I just want to ask a simple question about ticking tile entities that are processing items, like a crusher, smelter, etc. What's the best way to make a dynamically (via a config file, or multiple JSON files) expandable recipe holder, where is the best place to store that file, and most importantly what is the most efficient way of determining which recipe is being used? (Btw, how long is it going to take to port forge to 1.15? Fabric already did it, but I like Forge more.) Thanks for any help!
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