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  1. Have you tried studying the halfslab block code? It has the block code and that is how I've worked on my custom halfslabs.
  2. Before I look for problems I have to ask... Did you go to the dimension in your world before you put the replace stone and if so, did you make a new world to test it or delete the old dimension?
  3. I've got it fixed. Here is what my error was. private ItemStack[] inv; public TileEntityDNA(){ inv = new ItemStack[1]; } to private ItemStack[] inv; public TileEntityDNA(){ inv = new ItemStack[4]; } I had the variable set to 1 in the inv = new ItemStack[4]; which was causing my game to crash by it unable to process the slots.
  4. Thanks for the try, but I got the exact same error. I've already tried reading the error message before.
  5. Hi, I've recently been having multiple amounts of trouble when making this custom GUI. I'm not sure what I'm missing but I thought I'm supposed to change the ID in the Slot Constructor Please Excuse all the other code in kingdomcraft.java if its not conflicting, I just thought it could conflict in some small way so I posted all the code, it seems fine in the files its stating though so I dis included those so if you need those to find a problem, just ask. Lastly, sorry for my clumsy package organization. kingdomcraft.java ContainerDNA.java GuiDNA.java GuiHandler.java DNABlock.java TileEntityDNA.java ConnectionHandler.java ClientPacketHandler.java ServerPacketHandler.java ClientProxy.java CommonProxy.java Now, to help you find where to look here was my error msg, I cant find exactly how I'm getting it. ERROR If possible I wouldn't like a code fix but a small explanation, after all I'm gonna be doing more GUI's like this. Thanks for the help
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