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  1. Hi community I'm creating a mod for which I need to explode blocks if they don't are surounded with specific other blocks. I did it with the onBlockAdded methob: But it doesn't explode!! Whats wrong here?
  2. Okay first: other people made it too with ids over 265 second: I've solved that with the byte var38 = par3ArrayOfByte[var17];
  3. Somehow it does something very weird: It takes the Id, ignores the first digit, and subtracts 7. My stone= 575 ----> Sign wall. Vanilla blocks work fine
  4. I know fixed this yesterday, but it still gives me signs??
  5. Do you have any idea why it generates signs instead of my stone??
  6. 1. I've put in my biomeId in. 2.Then I could create my own world type in my own Dimension?
  7. It didn't work, so I tried with the original Chungenerator instead of using my own one. So it generated this: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Qk7J5GnFEog/URKnP5ehsfI/AAAAAAAAAHw/SWs4tRoiIaU/h120/2013-02-06_19.49.09.png[/img]So now I'm completly at my limits with Java and my teacher couldn't help me either Somehow it doesn't use my own chunkgenerator which I registred in the Worldprovider: And it's obviously still not generating my stone. Thanks for the help until now though...
  8. Sounds good, I put that assignment at the end of the generate method and put the vanilla stone back: But now It still doesn't work...
  9. Okay, can't I create some kind of own byte array? I mean, other people managed it too and I don't see anything in their sourcecode... Edit: it doesn't work either with other Blocks from vanilla...
  10. Hi community, I'm trying to replace all Stone, Dirt und Grass Blocks in my new Dimension with my own ones. But It won't work. I just took the old Chunkprovider and changed the things I wanted to have. The whole thing doesn't ever produce an error, neither in eclipse nor ingame. It just doesn't place my blocks... Here are my important methods: The generate terrain from my chunkprovider: And my biome file: Would be awesome to get some help on this one... Greets Alasar
  11. You can do that with the WorldProvider of your Dimension:
  12. Hi guys, my mod makes progress, now I've created my Antimatter Dimension, but I have another problem: I want to create a onBlockAdded method in my Antimatterblock classes that the Blocks explode if you place them next to a regular matter block. I've done this: Would it somehow be possible to grab all Blocks from Block.java and from TVMain.java with 2 integers or do I have to fill in all Blocks?? Greets Alasar
  13. Oh yeah Sometimes I'm a little dumb
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