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  1. I thought it was only me and ignored, it's all good now.
  2. Yeah it's safe, you can use shorte.st , uploadocean, dropbox, google drive as well.
  3. Why would you convert your email to a doc file? Just copy the contents to google docs instead.
  4. Catalyst control panel has been discontinued? Well then where do we the switchable graphic card section?
  5. Unfortunately no, since it is specific to the MC version. Is there any alternate to this?
  6. Thanks for the honest opinion This could save a bunch of people who wanted to hurry in upgrading.
  7. Wow! I did not know this. I think it's good though.
  8. This is hell lot of a mod pack! Totally mind blowing. Thank you so much for creating this. It took a while for me find the exact version and here it is yay!
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