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  1. i have a new computer and setting up forge now but it won't work it says it's done but it's not importet minecraft and everything could someone help me i'm using for it jdk 1.8 in intelij idea
  2. i did it and it came sort of cool out when you shoot the arrow it disappears from you're inventory when you pic it up it changes to an normal arrow
  3. so i'm trying to make an custom arrow i'm in the registering part now but can't seem to figure out how it works. my item: package com.CloudyProductions.DreamMod.heaven.items; import com.CloudyProductions.DreamMod.Main; import com.CloudyProductions.DreamMod.init.ItemInit; import com.CloudyProductions.DreamMod.util.IHasModel; import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs; import net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase; import net.minecraft.entity.projectile.EntityArrow; import net.minecraft.item.ItemArrow; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.world.World; public cla
  4. what i did i've deleted my old worlds and created an new one
  5. else the system doesn't work and i'm gonna give it up
  6. think i maybe have it used cloud_block but in the lang file i use for that block block_cloud
  7. what peace of code do you need the problem is with recipes and you don't need to code recipes i think it maybe has to to with registering but the crazy thing is registers the recipe but you can't craft it i've just updated my forge and re setupdecompworkspace so maybe it works now
  8. what do you want i'm making a recipe as the documentation says it scans thru assets/modid/recipes for recipes so i made there the file cloud.json with the recipe in it but it doesn't work no error at all
  9. the json file is: { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "#" ], "key": { "#": { "item": "dreammod:block_cloud", "data": 1 } }, "result": { "item": "dreammod:cloud", "count": 9 } }
  10. in the log under registering recipes it says [15:48:13] [Server thread/TRACE] [FML]: Registry: 443 dreammod:cloud net.minecraft.item.crafting.ShapedRecipes@41719f09
  11. i typed accidentally minecraft:cloud then it gave an error and changed it into dreammod:cloud because mod id is dreammod with minecraft:cloud it gave an error that it couldn't find now i've fixed that i gives none error but i can't craft it
  12. i have it like yours earlier i had accidentally set i stead of dreammid:cloud minecraft:cloud and it gave an error i changed it but now it gives nothing i registers but you can't craft it
  13. i did as the documentation i added the crafting recipe.json to the folder assets/dreammod/recipes and that's it
  14. i named the json file the same as the item i want to output
  15. CADIBOO i don't want it open source but i need help so could you help me?
  16. my custom crafting recipe isn't working this is my crating json file code: { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "#" ], "key": { "#": { "item": "dreammod:block_cloud", "data": 1 } }, "result": { "item": "dreammod:cloud", "count": 9 } } there are no errors in console in game i have dolimitedcrafting set to false but it isn't working the file is in assets/dreammod/recipes/recipe.json so could anyone help me?
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