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  1. Unless you have good advice, and I say this as a random person on the internet (I do not know Crazy_sheep), please do not berate Purple Shep (reference, to those who did not get it) any longer. He has set out a course and path for himself to learn Java, make a small game prototype, and then look at modding MC. He does not deserve, or, I'd be willing to bet want, any more trouble (though, he did almost literally ask for trouble in the beginning). He has good advice, though in the form of being put down 😉.
  2. Try monitoring the Task Manager as your Minecraft game loads. That may give you some insight. If you decide to go with my monitoring plan to find out what may be happening, please follow the instructions below: Follow these instructions and make sure that they match up with what you have, even if you have done this before. Above is a basic task manager. If you have not, please click "More details." Change your Memory and Disc values to Percents. Once you have done this, please monitor your overall and Minecraft Java Edition values for: CPU, Memory, and Disc. Please note: the Disc percentage is based on Active Time for all discs. So, say, if you have 3 discs, and you have one of these discs is at 30% active time, it will show an overall of 10%. Of course, values will ALWAYS be different based on hardware. Using a Threadripper verses a Intel Core Duo will yield SIGNIFICANTLY different results. Using an NVMe against a a spinning Hard Disc will yield significantly different results. Using 2TB of RAM verses 2 GB will yield a literal 1000 times different result. For what can be considered a good point, I recommend doing basic tasks like watching YouTube and generally surfing the web. Should your Minecraft go down in any area below loading YouTube, then you found where you are crashing. Should you, for instance, hit 100% RAM, a hs_err_pidXXXXX.txt (where X is a digit) file might appear in your .minecraft folder (%appdata%\.minecraft).
  3. Here; Let me provide some insight, since this seems to be from two people who learned Java first against someone who doesn't know Java very well. I personally have never learned a coding language before diving into a project; I find fun in learning as I go. If I need to figure out how to do something, I either google or post on some kind of forum. I know this isn't best practice, and I know that it is highly discouraged. If you know C++, then Java should be easy. Look for patterns. Watch modding tutorials. Or, start out learning Swing. I promise, if you just try, if you put in effort, if you sit there and make connections, that most coding languages can become very easy. I started out with RBX.Lua, which is a special adaptation of Lua for Roblox. I had no clue what I was doing. I watched some tutorials, and figured it out within a month. Patterns can become very apparent within Lua in general. For learning how to mod Minecraft, learn Java an all of a sudden it's a breeze is pretty bad advice. Sure, it makes it 75% easier, but that's it. You're only 75% there. That's like only following 75% of the instructions to build a nuclear (fission) reactor without having built one before. You're bound to fail. I've seen on countless threads around the internet, and having learned Java along my journey, can attest that Minecraft Java is 99% different from regular Java. Yes, as you put it, Minecraft modding is "so damn hard." Just saying that Minecraft modding is 100% Java is a false claim, too. Setting up your modding workspace and using it requires knowledge of Gradle too, and a pretty good understanding of how Minecraft works in some situations. Minecraft modding is also "so damn hard" because it has to be so versatile. Some people just want to make a minimap mod, and some want to make the next Mekanism or Thaumcraft. Some people want to make AppleSkin, while others want to make VoxelMap. Some people want to make mods like MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod. There are so many different things that people want to make and do, and, in order to allow for it all, modding has to be "so damn hard." There is no in-between. If you're looking for an easy way around (AKA not doing much of the work yourself) with negative consequences, check out MCreator (for now, as the dev is in the same situation as Anzor). That said, I do not recommend MCreator for anyone looking to distribute a serious mod. MCreator may be great for someone looking to make a mod between friends, but it is not for making your Applied Energistics 2 (though I prefer Refined Storage, it has fewer mechanically impressive features, like Certus Quartz growth).
  4. If you would like, please read further for an explanation of what happened (in the spirit of learning how to debug) If you look below, at the section titled "What Went Wrong" in your error, try to read it, as though it were plain English. Execution failed for task ':downloadAssets'. > Failed to get asset: minecraft/sounds/music/game/calm2.ogg Some assets failed to download or validate, try running the task again. Do you see where it says "failed to get asset" and gives an asset path to a music file? Below that line, it also says that "some assets failed to download or validate." In other words, it is saying "Hey, we found a problem with the game. This was probably a one-off issue." Because it happened multiple times, I told you to delete the problem files and let your machine reacquire them from Microsoft servers. I hope you found this breakdown useful, and I hope that I gave you some useful insight.
  5. I'm nowhere near a pro, and I do not feel very qualified to answer this. However, that said, I do recommend deleting your Minecraft resource files (the folders "assets" "versions" and "libraries") in "%appdata%\.minecraft" (on Windows) and then running Minecraft 1.16.4 from the vanilla launcher again.
  6. Thanks. I was unaware that there was a Java command (no doubt installed with java itself) in the command line.
  7. Oh, hey, I noticed when I went into properties to get the full path of the file that the installer ~"came from another PC and might be harmful." I unblocked it, of course. Worked. I guess you lead me to the solution, so thanks. Also, for future reference, how would I run the installer from CMD?
  8. You can find JEI for 1.16.1 though. Lots of mods are stuck back in 1.12.2 and 1.8 Using CurseForge, you can easily check what the MC version of a mod is (as seen in the below image)
  9. Naming scheme? I have my forge installer in a folder on a USB drive in many sub-folders. I know Java, and there is a whole lot of weirdness with folder naming. Should I move the folder? I'm not finding a log.
  10. I'm sorry if this is very obvious, but where could I find the installer log? (Windows, if it helps)
  11. Hi! I am manually updating my mods in bulk, and, to do so, need to update Forge. However, I am experiencing an issue: I am getting an error saying that it is failing to download libraries from spongepowered.org and asm.ow2.org (aka asm.ow2.io) I am able to install most 1.16.1 forge versions perfectly fine, but I am finding issues with, in particular (the only ones I've tested) 32.0.88 and 32.0.98. If you need to ask for anything more specific, and/or am able to give general debugging advice, please do not hesitate to do so. (EDIT) Looking back, it might be useful that the error happened when the green bar at the top of the installer details window reached the far right (not a pixel in difference).
  12. Hey, if you're still listening to this forum, MC now supports 48x48x48 exporting via Structure Blocks (bc of the Bastion)
  13. So, I am trying to make an ore. All is good, right? Well, I am attempting to use an overlay on the vanilla Stone texture, so that my ore is resource-pack compatible (And not so cheeseable with X-Ray packs!). I am wondering: How would I do this in 1.15.2? I've seen a similar post for 1.7, but nothing after that. I've googled a fair amount, trying a large variety of different keywords. I've seen other modders do this on occasion, and know it's possible. Here's my .JSON for the block texture (Wherever I use ~~~ I am hiding the mod name). { "parent": "block/cube", "textures": { "down": "~~~:blocks/~~~ore-overlay", "up": "~~~:blocks/~~~ore-overlay", "north": "~~~:blocks/~~~ore-overlay", "east": "~~~:blocks/~~~ore-overlay", "south": "~~~:blocks/~~~ore-overlay", "west": "~~~:blocks/~~~ore-overlay", } }
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