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  1. Just posting an answer for others to find when searching the same issue. Yes, I know it's two and a half years old, but still.... One problem in the code might be that your get/set Profession code uses dataWatcher watchable object index number 16. That's already defined in EntityTameable as a byte. For anyone using the dataWatcher instance, please be aware of the many possible combinations of watchable objects in the super classes. For example, my own investigation might have produced data such as the following table: Entity 0 flags (bit-based?) 1 air (entity br
  2. Yes, I have at least one suggestion. I don't know if you play on any SkyBlock maps; but in those, dirt is ever-so-valuable, especially very early on after starting the map. I had the thought that rotten flesh, along with a few other organic mob drops (miscellaneous items like spider eyes and skeleton bones) could be crafted together to make a very crude compost block. After a while, this compost block could have decayed enough to change into a pseudo-dirt-block, with perhaps a chance of a random effect. In some amount of time, it should turn into a dirt block and be farmable, placeable in the
  3. It worked, and I'm able to edit with NetBeans providing appropriate syntax assistance. Just have to set the jvm options and Launcher classpath in project properties. You, sir, are very appreciated for your helpfulness. Kudos to you. ... I also note that in your last Youtube video, you mentioned perhaps doing a video for building projects with cross-project dependencies, so that debugging/testing will work. Might that still be in the works?
  4. I'm still trying to get that far. My computer is a Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1, 64-bit. I'm using Java JDK 8 with the public JRE within it. Also using the gradle 1.10 and forge build 1047. My JAVA_HOME is set to "C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.8.0\jre". My JDK_HOME is set to "C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.8.0\bin". My path *begins with* "%JDK_HOME%;%JAVA_HOME%;" followed by the rest of the Windows system paths (the Java pathing goes before the Windows system paths because some older versions of Windows may still have older java.exe files within them). I'm trying to create a "commons" libra
  5. Okay, I will try updating to the lastest NetBeans; good catch, I didn't realize a newer version could be the answer. If that works, you will have my gratitude. It may not mean all that much to you, but I'm a man who will always share my appreciation where so deserved. For the record, I had been running the gradlew commands as specified in your previous video and in the other threads in this forum. Whether with setupDevWorkspace or setupDecompWorkspace, I was getting the same results. The one difference noticeable about how some of the metadata was being generated and stored, is that
  6. This is still an important issue to me. I am almost 100% convinced that the issue has something to do with the difference in the way Eclipse and NetBeans store the dependencies. For the record: I have used NetBeans for a long, long time, at least since I got into C++ and Java development pre-Y2K; and never have I had so much trouble with trying to satisfy the Minecraft + Forge + Gradle dependencies as I have of late. This Gradle setup may make sense to LexManos and others who use Eclipse; but for me, who will not use anything _but_ NetBeans, ... I need more information on the internal workings
  7. But that's what I'm already doing!!! *sigh* It's the stress of the situation, really it is. I know this forum has quite a few decent people who are willing to help others, and I'm not trying to come across as being angry; it's just ... the frustration of not having something work. So, I've decided I'll try to help find what more I can do, as much as possible, insofar as I'm able to show you the "big picture". This will be a lengthy post with images, showing the results of my work in the NetBeans end of things. (This post is a work-in-progress. The raw pics should be accessible from h
  8. I tried both forms gradlew setupDecompWorkspace --refreshDependencies and gradlew setupDevWorkspace --refreshDependencies and then finally gradlew eclipse --refreshDependencies which at this point I am led to believe that the Gradle-support module in NetBeans should be able to properly load the forge root directory. Not the eclipse subdirectory, even though NetBeans has a support module to import other Eclipse projects; but the forge-1.7.2- package root. The Gradle project does load, initially, but NetBeans repeatedly warns about the errors I po
  9. Really? No reply at all?? REALLY?!?!?!? No love at all for the best IDE in the world?
  10. I'm trying to use NetBeans IDE, my development environment of choice. Following the wiki page for setting up Minecraft Forge, I get through everything to the point where NetBeans IDE will recognize the Forge root folder as a Gradle project. First, yes I have ran gradlew eclipse to setup the root project; and yes, NetBeans does have a third-party Gradle project module that I have installed. Everything to that point indicates no errors, and so I believe it should be able to be imported as an Eclipse project into NetBeans with all project dependencies. In attempting to open the Forge roo
  11. Good to see someone besides myself working on mods with NetBeans. Step 2. Typographic error, you have "Force" instead of "Forge". Also, clarify "working directory". Do you mean, as it was previously, a subdirectory of the MCP stuff? Or, do you mean inside of the gradle path? Or, do you mean as a copy within the mod's structure? Hopefully, NOT the latter, ... I have enough mod projects that I would be frustrated if I had that many duplicates..........
  12. Or, going another way, perhaps creating (yet another) chest type by adding a new chest entity that handles loot randomization after the contextual click but before any gui is shown... No tick handler necessary with this method (I presume).
  13. I don't know anything about Bukkit or this loot mod you speak of, or even how complex you mean this mod idea to be, especially the config file part. However, ... I do assume it would not be too difficult to create an item-iterator that randomly select a bunch of blocks and items from vanilla Minecraft and possibly even other mods. I've sorta had this idea as well for my adaptation of the old CaveGen mod, so that the sparsely-available chests may have more items, and more random types of items.
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