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  1. I see, still getting used to event subscribing. I was wondering why I couldn't set the unlocalized name... now I know. Thanks for replying.
  2. I've noticed that pretty much everything has changed about the way mods are coded in 1.13.2. There is no more "FMLPreinitializationEvent" and stuff like that so it's really complicated now. I know forge 1.13.2 is still in a very early state and full of bugs and glitches but I really want to start making mods. Does anyone know some basics like creating items or blocks or where to find some documentation on that?
  3. Thanks, I can now launch the game from eclipse and I'm not getting any version errors anymore. EDIT: one more thing, the game says there is 1 mod loaded but "examplemod" is not listed. Is this normal?
  4. I can't even start Minecraft from eclipse. But that's not a problem since I can just move the mod into the mods folder and launch Minecraft myself. I just need someone to solve the error I'm getting about the version. If Forge 1.12 doesn't work and now 1.13 is busted as well... how is anyone supposed to make mods anyway?
  5. And another problem... I just exported the example mod to see if it works but Minecraft says:" Mod examplemod requires minecraft 1.13, currently minecraft is 1.13.2" So, I went back to eclipse and changed the version range in the "mods.tolm" from 1.13 to 1.13.2 but now when I start Minecraft, I get a different error saying "Example mod (examplemod) encountered an error during the common_setup event phase DIRT" How can I use 1.13 when the only available Forge version is 1.13.2? Is there a version setting for this? Thanks for the help
  6. build.gradle is not visible as an option when importing. I can import the source folder for the example mod but how do I link it to all the references? Or is there another way this is done?
  7. Hi, so I just downloaded the Forge 1.13 mdk and executed "gradlew eclipse" to set up all the necessary files. How do I connect eclipse to the new project now? there is no eclipse folder so what do I connect eclipse to? I've included a screenshot of my extracted mdk.
  8. I'm having the same issue with running "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace" so I went to try out your workaround but all I see in the ForgeVersion.json under "1.12" is exactly 310 zeros. Is the file supposed to be filled with zeros like that?
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