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  1. If bedrock was as moddable as java, I think most of us would have moved there. Chances are there will be no modding scene for bedrock, though. Three simple reasons: C++ is easier to mess up in. There's no GC and it doesn't protect you from your stupidity Java is easy. If you go to any snob tech forum they will say it's for people who don't know how to code. Secondly, bytecode transformations and class-loading.. C++ Compiles to native code, and as far as i am aware there are no libraries like ASM for modifying the already compiled code. Also, class loading could potentially be an issue. Readability.. Java is inherently quite an easy language to just zip through the file and read or recompile, with C++, good luck.
  2. Agreed, Learn to use break points (The red dots). If you have a watchdog on turn it off so the server won't kill itself if you're longer then a minute in debug. If you haven't make sure you grab the sources on the forge download which iirc is a mod template, when that's all in your IDE and you set up the de-obfuscated environment etc. You can generate the runs, run either the server or client in debug will enable the server to halt on break points, which can be set during runtime. Additionally, this will allow you to reload classes - This will let you change the internal logic of any existing method. You will be able to see full details of objects in memory while in break point mode and step through your code line my line.
  3. Yeah cheers, had a look into it earlier on and figured out it was FMLCommonHandler.instance().exitJava while trying to use mixins to edit the security manager which was seemingly going to work until i realized while looking into my IDE console there was an error i missed that pointed to the class. Thanks for the help.
  4. Is there any way to get around this? Making a mod that works on discord on another thread to destroy the jvm instance if it gets deadlocked or whatever. Running modpacks etc. on a server and sometimes these freeze up. It is a sponge plugin, but anyway i don't want to run code on the main thread i want to interrupt them and destroy the instance, so assuming there is a better method to close the server that does run code on the main thread, i don't want it because the only use of the command will be when the server is locked for people who don't have console access but are trusted enough to reboot the server. Basically an if all else fails killswitch. The thread where i am executing this (Discord plugin) will generally be fine, it generally allows me to do commands that don't execute game code, just not run ingame commands and the like. I assume somehow t he main thread has locked and the watchdog fails to figure it out for whatever reason.
  5. Well a little while ago there was a bunch of hackers on the 1.7.10 mods and i noticed a few mods used RPC from netty to execute java bytecode. You might want to look into that if you want to make a mod for any language you want to make some sort of library. And hell yes i have written C# in a text editor and you can do the same with java, I just don't see the why when said tools greatly accelerate my workflow. Eclipse is another good editor.
  6. Java is pretty easy with intelliJ really. Also lex has said in the past he's not including other languages in forge. Forge is for java. If you need another language lib / cross compatability, you best make your own in java. At that point honestly just write it in java. Or Kotlin / Scala etc which have their libs you can include and run on JVM bytecode. Better then having to bog things down with cross language stuff. Writing using intelliJ is easy. You can write without, i used to write C# in notepad++ to be frank and it never bothered me much, just got to check them compile errors and your code is trash and slow because you have no IDE assists. Java is honestly one of the easier OO languages. Less to worry about then say C++ etc. or any of the big languages, Rust is trying to replace C++ along with Golang and Dlang so it in theory would be quite more low level the java but honestly out of the 4, i'd probably be more inclined to learn D / Go if i had to. Either way point is i don't really like rust and have never really learned it so i could be off the mark on how easy it is to learn but when it's trying to replace C++ you would assume it would be more low level.
  7. Oh , so you guys already had the mappings, they are just releasing them to the public now?
  8. Can you not just use another map ontop of their map to create an near-instant auto-map, though? The names would then be different, which idk much about legal, but would that not be something completely different?
  9. If you guys end up using these, won't MCP become irrelevant and allow you guys to automatically map per release? Speeding up the development cycle like this, would you consider making snapshot builds? or would that still be too time consuming as the internal structures change? Because if it was not too much work, this could mean forge would be released hours after an actual MC release. It would be a massive game changer. APIs like fabric who try to gain an edge like this will perish. I wonder what the implications are for Spigot and SpongeForge?
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