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  1. btw ive found it. GlStateManager.rotate in Render<>
  2. Oh, sorry i didnt know about that... this was a project of mine way before so it's a bit outdated. I'll work on newer versions after this. thanks anyways
  3. im on 1.12.2 there is no startSleeping... Im still checking where dinnerbone function is and player sleep too...
  4. DELETED sorry.. I never thought everyone is on higher versions...
  5. Is there a way to make mobs appear lying down, since dinnerbone tag can make them upside down, is there a way to reverse rendering Z and Y to make mobs appear lying on their belly or on their back. The concept is I want them to stun living entity to sleep (with a sleep render) someone has done it using a command block by transporting entities to bed, but i cant seem to replicate it in java (still don't know how) here is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkFtoF3uB6w thanks :3
  6. hope i wasn't that late. And don't give up on your project
  7. all I know is that "MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 0.6662F) * 1.4F * limbSwingAmount;" is a series of number from -0.79 to +0.79 (+-45deg) if it is the opposite leg ad Pi. (example MathHelper.cos(limbSwing * 0.6662F + (float)Math.PI) ) * 1.4F * limbSwingAmount; if you are trying to make the swing less modify the 1.4F into something smaller, (example for a swing of 10 degrees use the float 0.31F.) If you are trying to make the resting point to a naturally rotated spot then add it (example for20 plusminus 10 use: "this.RightLeg.rotateAngleX = -0.3490659F + (Math
  8. So, it started like this... I was trying to make a mob, a low IQ one, but i feel dumber not to know how to program it?. It was as simple as this, I want to make make a mob that does different under time values, so i did this, "if(worldIn.getWorldtome() < 1200){ do actionday();" something like that, then my mob doent spawn... Then i stopped cause ...yeah... I really dont know how to. Please help... Any help is of great value to me
  9. is there a way to print to chat something??? like console.log, System.out.print, or trace.writeline.... just something to see my variables. really need it. TY
  10. thank you again, that would be all for now. cheerio
  11. does mob have UUID?? if yes what is it called... I'm actually using this for my new mob (animal territory) Thanks for your response BTW
  12. Hi, <first post btw> I would like to ask how to claim a block and create a list on my mod of all the claimed blocks. I know there are lots of similar mods like this, I would just like to add it on my own.. thank you in advance for any response and God bless.
  13. Hover to the code in eclipse u want to check, (eg. EntityPlayer... it will display net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer) now search it to ur file explorer it will lead u to MODNAME\build\tmp\recompileMc\sources\net\minecraft ..same location in eclipse build > tmp > recompileMc > sources > net > minecraft If thats what ur asking though..
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