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  1. ohhhhh look interesting. ill read first. anyway thanks!
  2. hi, it's u again 😅 so i shouldn't change it... (regardless of compatibility with other mods) how about anything with similar result, any idea... im trying to add monsoon and season
  3. hi, it's u again 😅 so i shouldn't change it... (regardless of compatibility with other mods) how about anything with similar result, any idea... im trying to add monsoon and season
  4. you can also change the way probability of walking on certain blocks, public BbBird(EntityType<? extends PathfinderMob> p_35267_, Level p_35268_) { this.setPathfindingMalus(BlockPathTypes.DAMAGE_FIRE, -1.0F); ...}
  5. orrrrr. u can change Aistep (maybe change how it walks to preventing getting stuck, like how the spider get stuck for being chunky) public void aiStep() {... dont super .. do your walk/fly/swim}
  6. minecraft has good path finding... but if you want to make one create a Class extending PathNavigation public class FlappingNavigation extends FlyingPathNavigation { public FlappingNavigation(Mob p_01_, Level p_02_) { super(p_01_, p_02_); ... } } then on add on stats public void setStartStat() { this.navigation = new FlyingPathNavigation(this, this.level); ... } but i didnt change how it path find, i just adjusted how it detects Y, since it's flying (with gravity) vanilla path find has a count on when it's stuck, when it is stuck it stops navi... (if that helps) you could also change the ai by extending static class WanderFloater extends WaterAvoidingRandomStrollGoal { public WanderFloater(TyFlyer p_01_, double p_02_) { super(p_01_, p_02_); } @Nullable private Vec3 findPos() { ... } } u can change how it finds the next position... maybe make it shorter??? sorry if it's already 2 days passed
  7. Is there a way of tweaking some vanilla class: I want to, change this code from Level.class (World.class on 1.16.x i think) public abstract class Level extends net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.CapabilityProvider<Level> implements LevelAccessor, AutoCloseable, net.minecraftforge.common.extensions.IForgeLevel { ... public boolean isRainingAt(BlockPos p_46759_) { if (!this.isRaining()) { return false; } else if (!this.canSeeSky(p_46759_)) { return false; } else if (this.getHeightmapPos(Heightmap.Types.MOTION_BLOCKING, p_46759_).getY() > p_46759_.getY()) { return false; } else { Biome biome = this.getBiome(p_46759_); return biome.getPrecipitation() == Biome.Precipitation.RAIN && biome.getTemperature(p_46759_) >= 0.15F; } } ... } what i want to do is, make the rain stop or start on specific area (or better change climate). Biome's climate settings(temperature, humidity) can be changed, but i think only once, on world generation, I think source: [1.17.1] net.minecraft.world.level; net.minecraft.world.level.biome; net.minecraftforge.event.world.BiomeLoadingEvent; im nowhere near what im trying to do... but if anyone has an idea how to achieve it, or anything similar, any help is appreciated :3 can the class be replaced with extention???
  8. found it! thanks a bunch... (btw, how come ur always the one answering my questions?) do u work at minecraft?
  9. look at createTrivialBlock(a,b); on package net.minecraft.data.models.BlockModelGenerators; (i don't know how it works but i think it may give u a hint)
  10. Whenever i logout and back-in in the game, the data resets to its define state (how can i save the entity data to be persistent) the code words, data is used flawlessly, but just doesn't save through game exit public class TyBoss extends Monster{ public static final EntityDataAccessor<Boolean> STILL_HOSTILE = SynchedEntityData.defineId(TyBoss.class, EntityDataSerializers.BOOLEAN); private static final EntityDataAccessor<Byte> SCOUNT_TAG = SynchedEntityData.defineId(TyBoss.class, EntityDataSerializers.BYTE); (...) protected void defineSynchedData() { super.defineSynchedData(); this.entityData.define(SCOUNT_TAG, (byte) 0); this.entityData.define(STILL_HOSTILE, true); } (...) public void startSeenByPlayer(ServerPlayer p_01_) { super.startSeenByPlayer(p_01_); if (this.entityData.get(STILL_HOSTILE)) { this.bossEvent.addPlayer(p_01_);} } public void stopSeenByPlayer(ServerPlayer p_01_) { super.stopSeenByPlayer(p_01_); this.bossEvent.removePlayer(p_01_); } (...) }
  11. i think i figured it out... now i dunno how to delete a post
  12. hiii :3 i just want to know, how to store entity data at 1.16 to 1.17 ive been doing this before at 1.12: player.getEntityData().setByte("om_orientation", (byte) 0); i don't know how it is in 1.17 i saw something on Player.Class, it goes like this... this.getEntityData().set(DATA_PLAYER_ABSORPTION_ID, p_36396_); but DATA_PLAYER_ABSORPTION_ID, is EntityDataAccessor <T> (dunno what that is) private static final EntityDataAccessor<Float> DATA_PLAYER_ABSORPTION_ID = SynchedEntityData.defineId(Player.class, EntityDataSerializers.FLOAT); im doing a thing where i store tick counts on each player, i dunno if there is a simpler way of doing it or whatsoever can anyone pls help. thanks :3
  13. btw ive found it. GlStateManager.rotate in Render<>
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