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  1. Minecraft Version-1.16.5 Forge Version-36.2.0 Crash Log- https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/05669330de1d11fba00d1cbe565f35b1 Debug Log-https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/af4304598bd4192be840e8c111af2c81 Ok so I allocated more memory to Minecraft and the game loads up fine but when I load a world it just stops at 100 then crashes with exit code 0
  2. Oh Thank you! Now that I think about it I remember it gave me an issue the last time I updated it.
  3. Minecraft V-1.16.5 Forge V-36.2.19 I don't have a crash log as it crashes before I can even get through the launcher it just closes with exit code 0 ? So I can't really read crash reports just yet but I think it's saying optifine is the problem? but I'm not sure I don't really want to remove optifine so I'm hoping I'm wrong but can someone help here's the latest log if that helps? https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/ce86576f342e8f67c887cc0b605dea39 Also I just installed the launcher from the Microsoft store which took me forever so I'm hoping that's not the problem either Heres the dbug log-https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/6be97882ecd5876b1a54d8ad783aa6bd here's the Debug after removing not enough crashes and optifine-https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/8b0a22717e275725131b803b4307a0bb
  4. https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/a6ceaf11ff60c3fd733c12ee44bb1425
  5. i see thank so much you've been a big help this happened before a couple versions ago and got the same answer i didn't make a huge deal about it then because it was a small world that i didn't make any real progress on i figured id ask again because i've been on this world for months and i really don't want to delete it just please lmk if u find something 😁
  6. k heres the fresh log https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/4976546617e46917a55e3636deb6b4c1
  7. i think its the file itself because it not loading there either so i start the game and make a fresh log
  8. for some reason github wont turn the log into a gist rn is it ok to post it here?
  9. i can start the game but now when i go past a certain point every mob just freezes i can't hit them or anything and the chunks stop loading in i don't understand what is causing this???
  10. fixed that and got this crash https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/ef37c8e8b62f1c2ea8162e842c349318
  11. i've used both forge versions 36.2.0 and 36.1.66 to upgrade from 36.1.31 because my world is freezing and nothing is moving even though i can move around so i decided to upgrade the launcher but not i can't even start the game because the launcher crashes on startup for both 36.2.0 and 36.1.66 i have no idea what causing it i assumed it was optifine then minecolonies but the startup crashed even when i removed them when it crashes it doesn't leave a crash report so i can't even figure out what is causing it. here's the latest debug log https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/a9711ffe3d29290d4678503284b7e0ff
  12. when i click the controls button in the pause menu minecraft crashes Crash Log:https://gist.github.com/keepinitreal247/f4f7c3355db7961f8abbd2378674e7b9
  13. ok so i'll just remove it and tell the owner 😥 thank you
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