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  1. I know this isn't forge's fault but I actually have no idea why this happens, so basically I'm trying to get all classes in a package that extends a class, I've used reflections8 and and older verison of org.reflections since it seems bugged, but this issue stayed as is in obfuscated environments, and only worked inside IDE, here's the code : public static Set<Class<? extends PluginHelper>> getAllPlugins() { Reflections reflections = new Reflections("ms55.moreplates.common.plugin"); return reflections.getSubTypesOf(PluginHelper.class); } How do I make it obfuscation fr
  2. are you actually flying or walking? you migh've disabled view bobbing in video options
  3. what is dependency shadowing and how do I do that?
  4. So I want to use org.reflections for my mod for some reasons, it works fine in dev but crashes with ClassNotFound when obfuscated, how do I implement it correctly? All I did was add this compile group: 'org.reflections', name: 'reflections', version: '0.9.12' to the dependencies task, which I assume isn't enough but I have no idea how to ship it with my mod
  5. I have no idea how that works, can you please explain how to do that?
  6. So basically I want to add certain items if some mods are included, but also add tags to them. The problem is that it just yells this at me and here're the logs [21:34:32] [Render thread/ERROR] [minecraft/TagCollectionReader]: Couldn't load item tag forge:plates/black_iron as it is missing following references: moreplates:black_iron_plate (from main) [21:34:32] [Render thread/ERROR] [minecraft/TagCollectionReader]: Couldn't load item tag forge:gears as it is missing following references: moreplates:allthemodium_gear (from main),moreplates:unobtainium_allthemodium_alloy_gea
  7. Found out that the problem is with the mod, probably due to my fluid being a big too opaque
  8. Hello, I've got a really weird problem where my custom fluid basically does not render at all in tanks, I have no footage but I am thinking it's either the mods fault or mine (the tanks mod is called Large Fluid Tanks) All code can be found on this github repo https://github.com/MostafaSabry55/Mana-Liquidizer
  9. This is kinda basic java stuff, but my advice to you is to see what keybind automatically imports classes for you, in eclipse it's ctrl + shift + o, not sure about Intellij
  10. Hello, I've noticed there were a shitton of deprecated methods in GLStateManager, while I know it's MC code and not forge's, why was that and are there any good alternatives? The deprecations don't have a clear sign onto why they were deprecated, if it is dangerous to use it or if there're better alternatives.
  11. For your first question you should always go for the latest (1.16.4) 1.14 and below is unsupported so you won't get any help with your problems here (hence why you shouldn't use 1.12) Honestly for tutorials I would rely on open-source mods and the forge docs, they contain lot's of information that made me acknowledge lot's of new mechanics, it made me switch from 1.7.10 to 1.16.3 in a matter of seconds! You can also try looking at tutorials like McJty's they're not really up-to-date but they might get the idea inside your brain, link https://wiki.mcjty.eu/modding/index.ph
  12. Well actually I fixed it by changing parameters in my .launch, but minecraft is shown to be 1.16.3, while MCP is 1.16.4?
  13. So I installed the latest 1.16.4 forge mdk, looked at it's build.gradle and copied the dependency and the mappings, then I started a genEclipseRuns, it succed but when I started up the game it didn't work, the "project and external dependencies" still has the old forge too, 1.16.3, what did I do wrong here?
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