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  1. I am not extremely familiar with the version 1.12.2. However you can start by extending the particle class. Make a renderer for your particle. Then override @dorender, being used to opengl will help
  2. I believe if you want to modify base classes you will have to use ASM or reflection. Most of the time this is not needed depending on what you are doing. What is it that you are specifically trying to accomplish?
  3. Is there a reason a section has not been made for people working with older minecraft versions? No harm in having one.
  4. I am using 1.8.9 and understand if you do not feel like helping however do not lock this thread as I plan on posting the answer to this question if I figure it out. Therefore if anyone with a similar problem doesn't have to repeat this process. Yes 1.8.9 is still very relevant if you are wondering.
  5. Perhaps it is the yaw or the partialticks
  6. I have already tried this to no success; public void renderent(EntityTNTPrimed a) { rendermanager.doRenderEntity(a, -2000, 10, 20, 0, (float) 0.1, false); } I have fixed coordinates, yaw and partial ticks for testing purposes I.E so I can find it in game however this did not work
  7. I think an easier explanation is that I want to render ghost entities
  8. I am attempting to create a mod which allow me to record entities such as tnt and sand, then allow me to replay the event. I have managed to do the recording part however I am not sure how I would go about the replaying part as I cannot manage to render fake entities. I thought I could do it with a the implementation of IRenderFactory, however I think that only works with real living entities.
  9. I am trying to make a class which extends EntityTNTPrimed, and will cancel the call which causes the creation of smoke particles by having an override method. My problem is I don't know where to register wrapper classes. I am coding this for an older version of Minecraft as it is the most popular version for the genre of multiplayer called factions. Kind regards.
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