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  1. When i cancel the hand event to render my own hand model it also stops the items, blocks, weapons and maps from rendering. How should i keep them rendered while not rendering the default player hand model.
  2. So this? public ItemEntity(World worldIn, double x, double y, double z, ItemStack stack) { this(worldIn, x, y, z); this.setItem(stack); this.lifespan = (stack.getItem() == null ? 6000 : stack.getEntityLifespan(worldIn)); }
  3. I've found the error occures when i do event.getWorld().addEntity(item);
  4. I am getting this problem with my custom item Entity, i've followed whats on this post but its still not working. Main Class ItemEntity Class I am getting stuck on 100%.
  5. No child models as in body or head and the models i want to resize are cow and sheep.
  6. How would you do this but edit the size of child models instead.
  7. Don't know what to put for the rotations as the render is not rotating. @SubscribeEvent public void preRenderPlayerPre(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event) { event.setCanceled(true); Entity entity = EntityType.byKey(EntityInit.PYRONITE.getRegistryName().toString()).get().create(event.getEntity().world); Minecraft.getInstance().getRenderManager().getRenderer(entity.getClass()).doRender(entity, event.getX(), event.getY(), event.getZ(), event.getEntityLiving().renderYawOffset, event.getPartialRenderTick()); }
  8. Ok, i got the model over it. But the head keeps vibrating and the model isnt rotating.
  9. I got my own custom entity, i want to be able to morph into it. Morphing is good, but no rotations looks just like that imgur link you sent
  10. Hello, im having similar trouble. how do i rotate the arms and head corresponding to the model?
  11. Hello, I am trying to change the player model to the minecraft creeper. I was told i need to use RenderPlayerEvent and cancel it, i have cancelled it but i dont know how to place the Creeper model over it.
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