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  1. I currently have a forked repo on GH with a separate branch for my contribution to forge. I have cloned it into a folder on my PC, ran the gradle setup task, ran genIntelliJRuns, and finally ran the test client task. As soon as the early loading window pops up, the game crashes with the log: https://pastebin.com/aCNMSmuf . Here's what I know/have tried: -Deleting the local repo and recloning into a new folder -Changing gradle settings to use IntelliJ to build, run, and test -Cloning the original repo instead of mine, which works -I have ensured that my custom branch is up to d
  2. Use onInsideBlock. onImpact, onEntityHit, and onBlockHit don't work because the entity is not actually colliding with the fire block.
  3. It is most definitely possible with the capability system. In your storage class, you can write your capability instance's object list to a ListNBT.
  4. I need to use a custom packet because I want to play a custom sound globally from a logical server, but World#playBroadcastSound doesn’t work since it requires a hard-coded sound type.
  5. [04Jun2020 22:28:17.891] [Server thread/DEBUG] [net.minecraftforge.fml.ModList/LOADING]: Dispatching parallel event LifecycleEvent:COMMON_SETUP [04Jun2020 22:28:17.894] [modloading-worker-1/DEBUG] [net.minecraftforge.fml.javafmlmod.FMLModContainer/LOADING]: Firing event for modid forge : FMLCommonSetupEvent [04Jun2020 22:28:17.894] [modloading-worker-3/DEBUG] [net.minecraftforge.fml.javafmlmod.FMLModContainer/LOADING]: Firing event for modid daboismod : FMLCommonSetupEvent [04Jun2020 22:28:17.942] [modloading-worker-3/FATAL] [net.minecraftforge.fml.loading.RuntimeDistCleaner/DISTXFORM]: Attemp
  6. super.render already renders the buttons, and since you want your buttons to render only on certain conditions, I think you can just remove super.render in the render method. edit: whelp when i posted this ChampionAsh's message didn't load ?
  7. Have you found a solution for this?
  8. Only cancel the event if the player is not holding anything
  9. I would not recommend using the player's display name as a means of referencing them. You should probably use their integer id, which is shared across both the server and the client. You can get this with PlayerEntity#getEntityId
  10. There is also an item tag for planks that you need to add your blockitem to.
  11. Where is this code? Show the class. And what version are you using?
  12. For custom entities, you can override canDespawn. For vanilla entities, you can use the LivingSpawnEvent.AllowDespawn hook.
  13. Can't you just use Minecraft.getInstance().pointedEntity on the client and send the entity's id to the server? Be wary that if the player is not looking at an entity pointedEntity will be null.
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