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  1. mixins? and how do you make an event?
  2. I would like to add some vanilla items to isPiglinCurrency code: public interface MakeisPiglinCurrency extends ICapabilitySerializable<CompoundNBT>{ default boolean isPiglinCurrency(ItemStack stack) { return stack.isIn(MakePiglinCurrency.isPiglinCurrency);; } } Help is much appreciated
  3. "java.home": "C:\\Program Files\\Eclipse Foundation\\jdk-", ... "java.configuration.runtimes": [ { "name": "JavaSE-1.8", "path": "C:\\Program Files\\Eclipse Foundation\\jdk-8.0.302.8-hotspot", "default": true } They say they are JDKs
  4. the output: traceback: this to first time making a mod thanks in advanced
  5. the class doesn't exist minecraft 1.12.2
  6. the class doesn't exist minecraft 1.12.2
  7. I want to know how to get the block position from ray-trace but with the decimals
  8. I want to know if I'm barking up the wrong tree? If I am, please help me find a better alternative, or if I'm right, help me with finding the solution. TY package net.mcreator.aliveagain; import net.minecraft.util.math.RayTraceResult; import net.minecraft.entity.Entity; @Elementsaliveagain.ModElement.Tag public class MCreatorDeadSlabTopBlockIsPlacedBy extends Elementsaliveagain.ModElement { public MCreatorDeadSlabTopBlockIsPlacedBy(Elementsaliveagain instance) { super(instance, 95); } public static void executeProcedure(java.util.HashMap<String, Object> dependencies) { if (dependencies.get("entity") == null) { System.err.println("Failed to load dependency entity for procedure MCreatorDeadSlabTopBlockIsPlacedBy!"); return; } Entity entity = (Entity) dependencies.get("entity"); System.out.println((entity.world.rayTraceBlocks(entity.getPositionEyes(1f), entity.getPositionEyes(1f).addVector(entity.getLook(1f).x * 100, entity.getLook(1f).y * 100, entity.getLook(1f).z * 100), false, false, true))); } } /*.getBlockPos().getY()*/ Console: *Cutting to the chase* HitResult{type=BLOCK, blockpos=BlockPos{x=197, y=5, z=446}, f=north, pos=(197.62231148178964, 5.405041827533119, 446.0), entity=null}
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