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  1. Then Forge is not a usable product if I can not update my mod. Aku - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge There is something wrong with forge now. My mod is broken. How is my mod name not unique when you didn't know that an Aku is a power block and there are three kinds with a spinner? Your logic is broken, either that or there is something wrong with you.
  2. A recipe does not fit the format of a .json file. That is also an error.
  3. Forge does not support proper item reduction. Forge does not support ExpandXYZ. You are incorrect.
  4. There is also a problem with Forge in that regard. This hasn't been updated since 1.10.2 being one of the greatest mods ever created though and it adds spheres to the game. If it is oak and wooden and it's spherically shaped, then it is a sphere so it doesn't shrink in stacksize. ArchitectureCraft - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge
  5. Explain to me how a sphere has shrank in stack size and logically how there is one less. Go look at the dictionary definition of sphere, then voxel. Shrink does not reduce the item number of a stack of spheres, it is logically a stack of spheres if it had to do with an item stack that way. You can't have both codes. It only does one thing or the other when logically it should do both. You are overriding when something executing something a billion times per second hit's the ground. Then most likely you failed.
  6. You can not override ActionResult<ItemStack> by right clicking an item as a useable object if it is a sphere for example. The stack of spheres does not Shrink although reducing in number staying the same size or something. Logically what is the error is the word shrink. The word shrink is doing nothing and something is causing the item number to reduce rather than it being Forge or Minecraft. This is caused by the way code can not come from Forge and be applied directly to the game anymore, because you can not use the same reference that way and have your information apply the same way when looking at the library of code. You can not override the onImpact method that way. If you make an entity based on a throwable object that is a firework item. Then logically it is thrown left or right handed. While logically it does hit the ground for example. This item can have sounds executed at it. Which also there is the ender pearl, that would then change how your entities updated correctly in comparison that way. This also effecting ExpandXYZ, which was replaced by the word growth implying that all code having to do with expanding in anyway logically goes to a higher number. Which also being an error, because you can no longer do the same thing logically to lower the number.
  7. If I change this here: { "parent": "block/cube_all", "textures": { "all": "aku:blocks/alien_blue" } } Into this right here: { "parent": "block/cube_all", "textures": { "all": "aku:blocks/gold_block" } } Then it changes the block the player is holding into a gold block, but whenever it is placed or set on the ground then it doesn't render the texture. What do I need to do?
  8. @ Override does not belong above ActionResult<ItemStack> or protected void onImpact. Those should both be erased.
  9. The src is able to be dragged and dropped into where forge is extracted.... The only file modified being the src file. Which then is imported into the IDE. The entire zip is a larger file, that or something. I dunno'
  10. { "parent": "block/cube_all", "textures": { "all": "aku:blocks/alien_blue" } } My texture is also the same name as what is being referenced to as to what the block should look like. For some reason my texture is not showing on my block though.
  11. I am returning the model of alien_blue block here for the item: { "parent": "aku:block/alien_blue" } The block can be seen in the players hand, originating from the block itself. When the item, that comes from the existence of setting the object into the world though that way is held in the players right hand and the object is placed. The object then has no texture. If the object had no texture when it was placed then it would have no texture as an item. The parent of of the item model is the block itself. Therefor the block exists whenever you set it, but it doesn't have a texture. This isn't making any sense.
  12. Then what do you do with the stick that way? Had to, moving along...
  13. I have questioned similar things for years as to how to know when a player is pressing the q key. A tossed thing is an object. A thrown thing could be anything such as a rock that way or a flying projectile. if this.objectIsTossed if this.objectIsThrown Both are pretty good though, for sure. But, yeah.
  14. My src using 1.16.4 version of forge: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ju9y015x81syhk/examplemodsrc.zip?dl=0 If anyone is able to help me solve this issue. I was also able to name both items and blocks with the lang file. So I got somewhere, but my block has no texture. Figuring that the above could be an issue, I only registered the blue block and an item instead of both blocks and the item.
  15. I have an item that I have registered and the item model that all of the textures show on using several textures. I have a block registered, and I have the item for the block registered. I set the block with one texture, this is what I get though for that matter:
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