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  1. you send minecraft packets via the the <Dist>PlayNetHandler and for your own look into the docs SimpleImpl
  2. thanks even if it's frustrating
  3. I want my entity are a light source not only be bright (with texture). It's a living entity with a SegmentedModel. Are there examples? Is it a question of a RenderType or something else? And what do I have to do to change the light to blue?
  4. see: ClientPlayerEntity#getStats StatisticsManager#getValue(Stat<?>) StatType#get //for one block StatType#iterator //for all existing and you have to say minecraft on the client side that you want the stats with Minecraft.getInstance().getConnection().sendPacket(new CClientStatusPacket(CClientStatusPacket.State.REQUEST_STATS)); and you don't need to go over CUSTOM
  5. If you look in the code yourself you may not have to wait for such a long time. But here it is: NewChatGui#clearChatMessages good luck ?
  6. where do you call that? edit: sorry do not read 1.12 cannot help you and generally it is not longer supported at this forum
  7. I would make it so that I would somehow store what is to be rendered in the renderer and then control it with a boolean. I would then synchronize this boolean with SimpleImpl or whatever
  8. you can just animate it in the renderer
  9. not really the position of the entity is still the same. But of course the rotation of the model is dependent on the rotation point. And it looks to me that it would be harder than just rotate one axis.
  10. you should use the MatrixStack of the event (RenderPlayerEvent.Pre#getMatrixStack)
  11. Oh where could forge hide key-bindings? Maybe in the class KeyBinding? and for clean code that could be a PacketHandler class with a Message class: public class PacketHandler { private static int IDs = 0; private static final String PROTOCOL_VERSION = "modid"; public static final SimpleChannel INSTANCE = NetworkRegistry.newSimpleChannel( new ResourceLocation("modid", "main"), () -> PROTOCOL_VERSION, PROTOCOL_VERSION::equals, PROTOCOL_VERSION::equals ); //called in pre_init public static void init() { INSTANCE.registerMessage(IDs++, Message.class, Message::decode, Message::encode, Message::consumer); } private static class Message { //some stuff protected static void consumer(Message chantal, Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> justin) { //where you have to handle the stuff that contains chantal and maybe justin } protected static Message encode(PacketBuffer johan) { //where you get the stuff from johan and have to put it in your message return null; } protected static void decode(Message martin, PacketBuffer johan) { //where you have to write the stuff into johan out of martin } } }
  12. no no you do not have to and you could just create a new constructor? please show your code
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