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  1. I'm trying to locate a specific StructurePiece in a structure, for instance locate a single FortressPiece.Crossing in a Nether Fortress. How would I go about doing this, is this even possible?
  2. This works, though it makes the rotation a heck of a lot less smooth. Nonetheless, thank you.
  3. I've been trying to create a remote controlled entity, it's been going pretty well so far, though I have a single issue. To move the camera I've opted for how AbstractHorseEntity does it, copying the player's yaw and pitch values. This works fine until the yaw value reaches 360, upon which it abruptly snaps to about -90 and then returns to 0. Can anyone tell me what's causing this? The code for the entity can be found here.
  4. I'm doing that now, I've updated the repo with the new code so you can just use the same links. The same issue still occurs though, if I throw an item it will not re-appear in my inventory, but if I manually delete it using creative mode it will. Edit: I have confirmed the issue is linked to tossing the item, if I toss the item no matter what I do the item will be erased. I don't understand why the list in the capability updates.
  5. Thank you! I've gone ahead and used that and setup a capability, I also took a look at the read write methods inside PlayerInventory. The issue now is that for some reason the inventory in the capability is syncing with the player's inventory, so it isn't reverting like it should. Can you see anything I missed here that could cause that, the issue seems pretty much impossible. Edit: Forgot to include a link to the class, here. Edit 2: It seems that it removes new items but doesn't bring back old ones? Weird. Edit 3: It also seems the items added to the player's inventory are ghost items and disappear when dropped. I'm stupid and didn't check World#isRemote.
  6. I've been trying to make a "time revert" effect lately, where you would set a checkpoint at one time and then be able to go back to it. This of course requires lots of things to be saved (broken blocks, placed blocks, entity positions, game time, etc.), things like broken and placed blocks have been easy, but I'm having trouble with player inventories. The half-baked system I thought up was giving all the ItemStacks in a player's inventory a special variable in a capability and then to delete all items that don't have that variable at a certain value, this works poorly though, items don't revert durability and stackable items can be destroyed if manually stacked. Is there a way I can save every player's inventory contents into a capability to be able to revert to that? I'd really appreciate some ideas.
  7. That's a valid assumption, but it doesn't work like that, you cannot access client code from common code without packets.
  8. Entity#setVelocity is only present on the client, use Entity#setMotion instead. What BlockyPenguin suggested will not work.
  9. 1.7 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support, or better yet, give up. No one here will help you make a custom launcher.
  10. I'd take a look at EntityRenderer#renderName.
  11. Post code, preferably as a git repo.
  12. Do not do that, that's exactly why tile entities exist.
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