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  1. In photoshop you can just dump blending options, inner shadows, add noise increase the size boom. In gimp is there another way?
  2. WEll as it turns out gimp has grid symmetry but I'll try this option for kicks. I'm satisfied by your reply.
  3. Specifically, their mirror images are the middle of the pixel, not the middle of the grid. Minecraft textures are 2x2 in size, so if I click on the left side of the panel, only one pixel shows because the middle part of the supposed symmetry is a pixel not the grid. If the mirror was grid based rather than pixels, it will paint on both sides. I can't seem to find the settings for this, Should I download a plugin or use a different program entirely, still the same case on krita.
  4. Ok guys thanks for your responses. AS it turns out it was just my slow Internet failing to load files. I managed to catch a glimpse in the night where everyone else in the house is asleep and not using their phones. I downloaded it all!
  5. Also here's the log fren CUsers----DesktopMDKHeaven's Wrath1.16.3gradlew build To honour the JVM settings for this build a new JVM will be forked. Please consider using the daemon httpsdocs.gradle.org4.10.3userguidegradle_daemon.html. Daemon will be stopped at the end of the build stopping after processing Configure project Java 15 JVM 15+36-1562(Oracle Corporation) Arch amd64 New Dep net.minecraftforgeforge1.16.3-34.1.0_mapped_snapshot_20200514-1.16 Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 5.0. Use '--warning-mode all' to show the individual deprecation warnings. See httpsdocs.gradle.org4.10.3userguidecommand_line_interface.html#seccommand_line_warnings BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 13s 7 actionable tasks 3 executed, 4 up-to-date CUsersJexelDesktopMDKHeaven's Wrath1.16.3
  6. Do you have any lists for 1.16.3 mappings? it's probably the problem? Also how do I refresh the gradle dependencies?
  7. Ok I rerun the gradlew and fixed the first issue, but the minecraft 1.16.3 libraries is not there. Would running 1.16.3 and rerunning the build fix my problem.
  8. Probably noob question. When I updated to 1.16.3 latest, created a new folder and rerun the build programs and create a new java file, all it shows is an empty file. I never experienced something like this modding in 1.12. When I create something in there it gives the package name, the class name, and a ready constructor.
  9. I am satisfied of your reply sir! I'll be looking for some other forums to fix this problem. Needless to say thanks for helping.
  10. Hehe good one. The thing is the model is quite large and detailed. so a 32 X 32 wouldn't be enough. My solution is that to make a second layer of texture for the eyes but with higher resolution. the whole body doesn't need that much detail anyway.
  11. This is what I don't like. You see I want to make it's wings large but they will always overlap the body Ok this is the result of me not getting enough sleep. What I mean is that if it's possible to even get a slant line of pixels that will later on convert into a straight line of pixels. My thoughts: So instead of pixel by pixel erasure. How about instead a transparency mask of sorts. the pixel is still in there, just unseen.
  12. So let's say I have a giant bat model. It's has 5 wing membranes that are 50 X 50 pixels in size and is a perfect square since Minecraft models and modelparts only accept cubes and squares. So to make it look like a bat wing, we sculpt and erase the overlapping parts of a texturemap and shape out and texture a bat wing, the erased parts wouldn't be rendered ingame thus creating a wing. Now here's the problem, the bat would fold it's wings when hanging in caves, but when it do, the already shaped would pierce the body and overlap making weird pointy star shapes. What I understand: 1. Get the angle by calculating the rotation of the parent model part "wingfingers" to get the overlapping parts . 2. Get the location of the wings at the texturemap 3. Then create a smooth algorithim that would determine the overlapping parts every time it closes it's wings. 4. then once the numbers are done, erase the overlapping parts. What I don't understand: 1. Is this even possible to erase an already textured model using only code? 2. Can I even make a straight line using pixels.
  13. hmm vaguely spoken. If let's say common 5+ year old computers bought by parents that 15 year old minecraft players use?
  14. I have a 612 X 512 mob. It has high model counts and resolution. Yet I want to double it's texturemap resolution for more details. Would that lag the game?
  15. I want to obsfucate my mob codes so no more fighting. I have rivals accusing me of copying from them yet looking from their code they're the ones doing it and no one believes me. I would obsfucate the code by using proguard and changing package names, I also want to use the forge SRG names to be even more confusing if that's possible, so that they can't guess that it's one of my mobs because it extends EntityLivingBase.
  16. Is that tool called proguard? Also is the obsfucation good enough that forge takes years to forward them.
  17. Guess: Just like Minecraft world seeds, use any of letters and the returned numbers will be consistent.
  18. High! Since Intellij is a workstation program, will it benefit on multiple cores or single core since we are doing Minecraft mods.
  19. In your opinion. What would be the best solution to make the game more optimized on large servers?
  20. Specifically everything Mojang coded. so having separate cores for updating entities, blocks, would make the game faster.
  21. Did Mojang try to make multi-threading into Minecraft and failed to integrate it to servers thus causing the lag?
  22. Sorry for necroing @diesieben07 but what is the entirety of "main game logic" is single threaded. I mean specifically.
  23. As far as I can tell with the current releases just this week. I decided Im going amd threadripper. It has faster single core processing than intel now for the most part and it's really good use for minecraft so thank you.
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