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  1. That's what I do, instead of griefing them I make friends with them. If you grief theyll simply find out and ban/hate me.
  2. It's okay thank you! In a server with ice and fire I used hacks, one of the hacks are called(chunk finder). I use these to locate new chunks players have generated and ultimately fin their base for griefing or visiting. But that server was different lots of new chunks are spawned already with no base found. The WOrldgen Runaway from that mod seems to be the answer.
  3. Oh I see it now thank you! After reading the code, they add at least 245 air blocks for the structure after the generator has been loaded. Looks like the efficient way to generate is to spawn the structure while generating.
  4. This is exactly what I'm talking about! I have become even happier and content with my life after uninstalling iceandfire because of the lag and enjoy the simple realistic worldgen of traveller's dream.
  5. I want to know how to efficiently write the worldgen code. Instead of a direct IWorldGenerator to ChunkGenerator? I would like to hear your suggestions.
  6. I disagree, I checked their code an they spawn as part of the structure Directly from IWorldGenerator. And Traveller's dream supposedly a more resource hungry mod since 22000+ structures! and iceandfire got a few.
  7. SO I decided to ad worldgen to my beastmaster mod! But before I do lets discuss experiences. Ice and Fire is a mod is a dragon mod that adds only small structures to the worldgen such as an underground sphere as a cave with a single dragon in it. Yet if I play a world with it it lags. Meanwhile traveller's dream a worldgen mo or biomes o plenty that spawns over 200 biomes, with 2200 structures with trees lags only a little and comparable to vanilla performance. I want to know what these worldgens do so i can implement it and spawn my structures without lag.
  8. I would like to make a beastmaster mod. Adds a lot of tameable and mountable mobs and I need a gui that when opened shows all the players that joined the server and set how much you trust that player. Back in the day someone killed all of our pets. They are way stronger than the players gear but they didn't fight back because they were tamed, and i don't want to resort the code to the vanilla scenario "hit your friend accidentally once and all of his 60+ tamed wolves start chasing you and you don't wanna kill any of them because they're all cute and your friend will hate you". So I need a system for choosing your friends from your enemy for your pets to trust. There are 4 trust levels for a player: 1. Enemy - Pets will kill him on sight to prevent them from hurting the player. 2. Stranger(Default) - Pets will be wary but if the player attacked them or their owner too much, set to enemy then DEFEND THE MASTER! RIP AND TEAR! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! 3. Friend - Cast on trusted people Pets will not attack if accidentally punched or stabbed for a few times but with a mathematical algorithm that weighs how many times he attacked and dealt damage in a time, set him to Enemy Mode for pets to retaliate (Ill make my own algorithm for this, if is it too resource heavy for a server visited by 30,000 players at least once, warn me not to preventing lag). If a pet can mount multiple players, only allow the the player to the other seats not the first passenger index (controller)! 4. Best Friend - Same as friend but the player can become the controller (Necessary when you need to get out of a sticky situation and that friend was the first to ride and you were too slow) What I understand: 1. Make an enum for the trust level. Enemy, Stranger, Friend, Best Friend 2. Collect all the player UUIDs using the Collections class or ArrayList and set it's enum state 3. Send those UUID to client(GUI). 4. Synchronize the enum with MessagePackets from client(GUI) to server. What I don't understand: 1. How to connect it with the world data. Do I have to extend/implement a class, or call an Event? 2. How do I store the data in the world? 3. Should I use Collections or ArrayList? What's the difference, should I use a different class instead? 4. How do I make a stored data outside the world data called "Recent Players", "Enemy Players" , "Best Friend Players". If a player for example hates a lot of players in a server and goes to another server, he can easily navigate these tabs and simply set them all to enemy and friend status without manually scrolling for thousands of players. 5. When a Friend player mounts a multiple passenger mob, how do I set it to ride except the driver without a Nullpointer . Is simply +1 his passenger index enough? 6. How to open a Gui by pressing a button or clicking a button in the player's inventory. PS: IS MY ENGLISH GOOD ENOUGH?
  9. Ok thank you for chatting and having the time it really means a lot to me. I have figured to follow earth mc's technique of only allowing youtubers. Them hacking would damage their reputation and will be reported by their fans or other youtubers. Only difference no pay 2 win! I know BarrenDome used a vanilla duplication exploit for diamonds but i can find a way to fix it.
  10. I just want to start a non pay2win modded server with beautiful world gen and dragons. I already bought the expensive hardware. Bit because of Minecraft cheaters, I have to find plugins or mods that would disallow it.
  11. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/kinetic-anti-cheat This is what I'm talking about.
  12. So is it impossible to prevent cheating in modded minecraft now? Seems like this game is showing it's limits finally
  13. I found a mod that requires to be installed in both client and server. The client will check the folder for any unwanted mod on the mods folder. According to most comments it really works however i need more info from forge itself
  14. If what plugins can do is use some measures like reading player interactions to prevent hacking and ban them, is possible for mods istead of plugins to detect hack clients on entry and prevent whatever input they put in the server?
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