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  1. Hi! Can backdoors be prevented by simply not allowing assholes online to do the work on plugins for you that they can use to backdoor your server? Or there is something else that can be used to backdoor using minecraft glitches that is unprevented/difficult to fix and your server becomes backdoored.
  2. I already have an i7 8th gen but I am willing to change my whole motherboard if ryzen-9 threadripper for compatability if it proves to be better than i9. Im asking because I am well aware that Minecraft uses only 1 thread and I don't want to say goodbye to my other 63 cores from threadripper if it ain't gonna use it. Intel has good single core for that one dedicated thread Minecraft uses. But what about Optifine? Since I'm playing modded, would optifine allow the use of the other 63 cores for Minecraft thus boosting it? I searched in youtube and majority of people there are suspiciously VERY positive on amd. I also want to use blender and threadripper shows it's faster than i9 when it comes to multi-core rendering. I am willing to pay the price for any specs that ensures the most speed I could get, but I only got one shot on this. On servers what is the threadripper does it's multiple cores will be used properly on optifine thus making it better than intel's? How big in a disk drive does a modded anarchy server with guns/teleportation and random spawn coordinates per player (instead of spawning at 0, 100, 0 and getting it griefed for newer players to traverse thus more chunkloading).
  3. Hello when I toggle mirror to true in a model maker or in code it doesn't show any changes, what is it's purpose?
  4. hey arent you the one that made the breathweapon for dragonmounts? is this the same site you get those firebreathing sounds aswell? WIththat level of quality in a free site?
  5. I want to make mob sounds an use animal sounds but the usual websites I fin online are horrid, outdated, bad-quality. So I may be interested in a sound design forum where I can ask for help and animal sounds to download and edit thanks!
  6. Hi There! I have a winged giant bat model for tameablebeasts mod. I want it's wings to fold when not flying just like actual bat wings, but since the wing membrane is too wide to hide it inside of the body when folding, I now have to alternatively slowly "disappear/erase" or "make it smaller by scale"when folding the wings during animations. I don't want to make the wings smaller everytime it folds using default "model part" size because it will affect the textures. So is there a way to make it render smaller by scale or "bend" the model part into a non square shape when folding(I've seen some commands have done this).
  7. This is what I'm completely missing. pattern fill in gimp tutorials just keep giving me the downloads or will separate the picture because it's too large.
  8. Oh i saw that but that means I have to download pattern files am I correct?
  9. I use IntelliJ. I would like to reorganize my packages and files. I want to move whole files and packages without manually changing the imports and dir. Is there an easy way to do this? I notice that other mods almost never update their folder locations maybe because it's not yet possible? Do I have to install a plugin or IntelliJ?
  10. I have Gimp,Krita, and Photoshop. I'm not much of a texture guy so I would like to know how to do repeated textures. No one is crazy enough to texture the dragon's scales 1 by 1 correct? What specific tools id they use to achieve this effect with such perfection. Texture editing software usually have the same tools, so waht works with Krita probably works with photoshop.
  11. The EnderDragonModel is sooo broken. I looked it up on tabula neck and tail are missing. It has to be replaced
  12. I plan on making the ender dragon walk on land and have new animations. It will attach on obsidian towers then pounce on the player. It will walk on land with 2 legs and chase the player in melee combat.
  13. The EnderDragon is a bit boring and easy if you have OP modded Items. Just planning ahead, how can you replace the mob with your custom one and not affect the player's advancement progression and set vanilla variables about it being dead in the current world and not affect other mods.
  14. Oh you mean to say you want to make the players sit if it right clicks a chair?
  15. If we can register custom rener files for mobs to allow different models can we do so with AI? I want fishes to actually go to fishing rods bite it and you must reel it back for you catch it.
  16. But aren't animations supposed to be client only? Or just the model rendering.
  17. Can you please describe your mod even more friend? WE can't fix the puzzle without enough information/pieces? oes this mo ad death animations?
  18. What if you detect it to the server then make a custom info then send it to the client?
  19. Please bear with me for I have not started yet and would discuss the concept and the idea properly before I start coding to prevent further complications. Just like ModelParts can hitboxes have child hitboxes and I have an idea that you can copy the position of the model when animated then send it to the server so that the hitboxes' position will be animated. Has anyone done this before? Is it even possible?
  20. Aditional Info: Ice and fire dragons are asleep in the cave when they spawn so they don't do block break update at all. My world is set to spawn only large dragons from unerground which is calm unless disturbed. Smaller dragons spawn at the top and will destroy everything set a lot of blocks on fire when isturbed.
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