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  1. Usually when I get error like this I attempt the build gradle again, and then the "genIntelliJruns". if not I usually go and make a new project and move my files over after the fact. Might I also recommend this plugin: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8327-minecraft-development It helps to get you started if you're having a rough time getting set up xo
  2. Set this up just as so, with the method being called from the constructor and it works perfectly, thank you again ❤️ private void trackProcess(){ final GrinderTile grinderTile = (GrinderTile) tileEntity; trackInt(new IntReferenceHolder() { @Override public int get() { return (int) grinderTile.getPowerRequirement(); } @Override public void set(int intIn) { grinderTile.setPowerRequirement(intIn); } }); trackInt(new IntReferenceHolder() { @Override public int get() { return grinderTile.getBurnTime(); } @Override public void set(int intIn) { grinderTile.setBurnTime(intIn); } }); }
  3. Hello all! It's you favourite guy who can't figure things out I'm working on my grinder tile entity here: https://github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/blob/master/src/main/java/mistaomega/opes/tiles/GrinderTile.java I'm doing all the processing on the server side, which is something I think I'm meant to do.. However, when doing this I need to gather values for the grinder's GUI: https://github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/blob/master/src/main/java/mistaomega/opes/blocks/grinder/GrinderGUI.java The values are for the processing so I can monitor the progress each tick through the arrow icon going white However, it will always seem to be 0 on the GUI, even when the tile is working as intended. Is there anyway to fix this, or should I be doing my tick handling in a different more appropriate way? Thank you for any assistance ~Omega.
  4. Hello all, new day, new low effort meme On to the problem, I've decided to do datagen for the recipes for my grinder, which you can see here: https://github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/blob/master/src/main/java/mistaomega/opes/datagen/GrindingRecipeBuilder.java It's basically a slightly rewritten ShapedRecipeBuilder without things like keys and whatnot The thing I would like to do is set a constant location for what I make, say for example, I need a recipe for diamonds from diamond ore, this will go under opes/recipes/grinder/diamond.json I thought this line would be the culprit: https://github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/blob/master/src/main/java/mistaomega/opes/datagen/GrindingRecipeBuilder.java#L84 More importantly the "pathIn" field, but no matter what I change it to, it always outputs as minecraft/recipes/diamond.json Where could I set this file path so that it goes where I would like it to? Thank you all, covid safe hugs to whoever has the big brain to solve❤️ ~Omega
  5. Ah, I forgot to flag IntelliJ to upload my data asset to github, but I will fix that, As for other stuff, thank you for the heads up, I'll iterate through and fix them Relating back to my original question, does this mean in the context of making it compatable with something like Mekanism, I'd need to write a recipe for osmium dust specifically for my grinder?
  6. Hello all! So I have made a grinder, and a custom recipe for it, that grinds starlight ore, to stardust https://github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/blob/master/src/main/java/mistaomega/opes/tiles/GrinderTile.java I would like to make this tile compatable with other mods so that for example, if I put osmium ore from Mekanism in, osmium dust comes in. How would I get started doing this? Thank you all, sorry for no meme, I will leave two next time ❤️ ~Omega
  7. I'll look into it thank you for the help 😊 I was extending the recipe type interface anf giving it the recipe type as an instance of my Opes Recipe class, but that implements I inventory which is a no go, so I'll rework all that to fit better, also had no idea how to register recipes, so I'll make sure to do that, and whoops, didn't upload my serializer class... Thank you again 😂
  8. Hello all! So, today I have a question regarding making custom recipes, and using said recipes in a custom tile entity. So I had ago at making a recipe, I have a default recipe that extends IRecipe, and an IRecipeType class that extends that recipe class to (OpesRecipe and OpesRecipeType respectively) I also have an Itemstack to Itemstack recipe class, as in case I use something like fluids in the future, this may be a good idea The question is now, where do I go from here, I feel like I'm missing something and am not sure what to do next so if you could tell me where to go from here, this would be much appreciated, if not at least a gentle nudge in the right direction I'm trying to make this grinder compatable with other grindable ore types too, so any assitance in that matter will also be greatly appreciated, so will any explanations of what's going on when a recipe is used, and called for by a tile, I tried finding documentation as understanding how vanilla does it would help, but to no avail My recipe based code is all here: https://www.github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/tree/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fmistaomega%2Fopes%2Frecipes Thank you all, love you long time ~Omega x
  9. Makes sense, thank you all for the help! 😊
  10. Excuse the vague title, I couldn't really describe it short and sweet Right, basically I'm trying to make an item that can recieve power, for now I'm just adding the power directly every tick here: https://github.com/MistaOmega/Opes/blob/master/src/main/java/mistaomega/opes/items/StarlightInfusedNetherStar.java#L68-L75 Problem is, when I remove the item and get a new one, the power remains the same, so the basic question is, is there a way to only handle instances of items rather than every item from within this class, so that if I was to replace this item, the power would be different and not the same as when I removed it. Thank you for any help ❤️
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