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  1. Hey, when will you continue the tutorial?
  2. Whenever I execute runClient to test the example mod, it cant load further than to the point where I get the info, that the example mod has the version 1.16.3 and can't be used in Minecraft Forge 1.16.4. That does not even make sense. I haven't changed anything. This were my steps: Downloading MDK Unzipping it gradlew genEclipseRuns in cmd gradlew eclipse in cmd gradlew build in cmd import project in eclipse execute runClient This is the crash report I got: https://hastebin.com/makosiwifu.yaml I would be very
  3. Can you please help me? There are no other forums like this that deal with Minecraft Forge Modding. If I do not get help here, I do not get help anywhere.
  4. Hello, I want to create a block like the target block in Minecraft 1.15 (and also 1.7.10. I want the mod for both versions to be available for, but it is okay if I only get an answer that helps me with the 1.15 version even if it would be much better if someone could help me to get a working 1.7.10 version of the mod). I am a beginner in Forge Modding, so I am struggling a lot with it. The block should detect arrows that hit him and then tell me where they hit him, so I can calculate a number that should present by a redstone signal how close the block to the center is. But my proble
  5. Today I wanted to create a Minecraft Mod for version 1.7.10. I used to do it with older versions and never had any problems. Now, however, I am failing to set up the downloaded folder. The command 'gradlew setupDecompWorkspace' and sometimes 'gradlew setupDevWorkspace' is said to should be used. Of course, I entered the correct folder before entering this command. The environment variables are also set up under JAVA_HOME. So far I've tried a Java 8 JDK (jdk1.8.0_251) and a Java 7 JDK (jdk1.7.0_80). Also, the right JREs are installed. The Minecraft Forge SRC versions I use are the latest and th
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