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  1. how much mods did you have cause that happenend to me once and i reomoved mods and it worked so try that
  2. crash-2020-09-05_18.41.38-client.txt Heres the crash crash-2020-09-05_18.41.38-client.txt
  3. plz plz i need help skyfactory 4 not showing up at launcher like youtubers it showed up on theres and i can only play demo and it dosent load PLZ PLZ H E L P
  4. how many mods did you get cause it happend to me and i removed some mods and it worked
  5. If your Mac on forge is not shutting off beacuse you got the wrong verson of the mod or the wrong minecraft forge ver go to the back of your mac hold the of button for a few seconds it will say restart etc ignore that keep holding it then it will shut off then turn it back on w/ the power button on the back of the mac it will play the mac *ding* thing then wait it to load up do your password then minecraft will shut off (Hope This Works For You)
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