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  1. Chickens drop eggs based on a timer, they are telling you to check the timer that minecraft uses for the chicken and steal it for yourself (I believe)
  2. That was a version that I removed the bow and arrow from because I was mad about it, then was like "What if this works (referring to the arrowentity)?", which it didn't, and that was why it was commented out, also the apple only started working yesterday. Bow just started working, like right now. But I have no idea how to increase the damage, does the same as a regular minecraft bow. Also what should I do with the code in the useless classes?
  3. Okay, sorry for such a late response, I think I figured it out https://github.com/CeluiTTV/CeluiUtility/
  4. Ah alright, thank you, is it alright if I attach my entire src\main folder directly or should I upload it to something and give you the link to that? Thank you for the help
  5. I'm 100% sure the registry name of the item and recipe are the same, I've checked the working items and it is done the exact same way just with a different name, also, what is a repo? I'm a little new to forge and Java.
  6. I don't know what to post alongside this as I obviously have no idea where the issue is coming from. The mod I'm making has, so far, a armour set, tools, bow, and a couple resources Issue is that I can't craft 3 of my items, a bow, an arrow, and an apple, I'm not sure if I did not something wrong, I setup my bow and arrow the same as my other items and the apple I setup as a food item, they all have crafting recipes but they just won't craft, I know it's not my mod in general because I can craft other items, like my tools and armour. Let me know what you need to see to help me, I'll try my best.
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