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  1. Okay, thank you! I didn't see you replied up-to now unfortunately, but, I fixed the error by getting a friend of mine with a better internet to download the assets and send me the missing files. As for the gradle scan, thank you so much for letting me know! I edited that out since the problem is already fixed!
  2. I recently wanted to start modding, so, according to a tutorial, I got the MDK. As the tutorial used Eclipse instead of IntelliJ IDEA (The IDE I use), I followed what was in the 'README.txt'. It said to import the project using the 'build.gradle' and then run the command 'gradlew genIntellijRuns' (I use 1.16.3 - 35.1.4[The latest recommended download I could find]). The first part was fine - After a lot of downloading, it said 'BUILD SUCCESSFUL', and all the Gradle tasks also loaded. Then I ran the command. I got the 'Hash failed' error for some files. Then as in the README, I ran it again wit
  3. Hello, how did you solve it? I am new to java, and wanted to learn modding. I get the same error for the Programmer Art texture pack. Thanks! (Its a 'Hash Failed' error) Edit: Copying it so I can start a new topic (As nobody seems to read this)
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