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  1. thanks, I changed my event like this and it works @SubscribeEvent public static void biomeLoadingRemove(BiomeLoadingEvent event) { Category category = event.getCategory(); BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder genBuilder = event.getGeneration(); if (category == Category.THEEND) { } else if (category == Category.NETHER) { } else { for (Decoration stage : GenerationStage.Decoration.values()) { genBuilder.getFeatures(stage).removeIf((supplier) -> { ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> configuredFeature = supplier.get(); for (ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> f
  2. As the title suggests, I can modify vanilla biome, more precisely, I cannot remove any feature. The one below is currently my BiomeLoadingEvent in which I am trying to remove all OreFetures from all overworld vanilla biomes. I've tried a lot of manual iterating, removeIf, but all of them return false when checking for the correct feature. @SubscribeEvent public static void biomeLoadingRemove(BiomeLoadingEvent event) { Category category = event.getCategory(); BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder genBuilder = event.getGeneration(); if (category == Category.THEEND) { } else
  3. learn basic java, mod means modification, also this class from your own mod and not from minecraft forge api which is why you have to create this class first due the error if you want to create a custom dimension expand the dimension class (net.minecraft.world.dimension.Dimension) or anywhere in (net.minecraft.world)
  4. there is an event in which I can change the rendering of items, I need the event to render an overlay for each item (like the enchantment glint effect) thanks for replies
  5. in short I would like to change the minecraft vanilla enchantment glint so that depending on the enchantment the glint effect has a different color (e.g. FireProtection has an red / orange glint effect and so on). is there an easy way to implement this?
  6. As already stated in the title, I would like to know if there is an easy way to combine ItemStacks? My problem at the moment is that I have a list with ItemStacks and want to combine them, which means if the list contains 10 times of stone with a count of 10. form that I want to make a list with 2 times of stone from it which means the count of the items in total are the same so i have two stack with the count 64 and 36. is this possible/ is there a simple way to do that?
  7. As the title suggests, I would like to add a mod written by myself to my mod as a library, because it contains a few methods and classes that I can use very well in my new mod. now my question i can simply add the mod as a library to my project? and if so, do i have to add something to my mod / gradle that minecraft know that this mod is needed?
  8. okay I think my question was not very clear, I know that a TER needs a model but where does the Bell TER get the model from since it does not have the eg. the shulkerchest has its own Java model
  9. in the model of the bell or in which json file do you mean?
  10. I'm currently working on a mod that should add industry things. now i have encountered the following problem: when my machine has got electricity, a wheel should turn now my question is it possible to move a part / group of the json model? I looked at the bell as an example and tried to understand how exactly Minecraft annoyed the bell to ring, but I don't understand where minecraft gets the model of the bell from. how does minecraft create the model?
  11. thanks for the info, since the whole thing sounds pretty complicated, I will probably not change it
  12. it is possible to create a custom save format Edit: or copy one from a old version like 1.15
  13. I'm currently writing a mod in which I change vanilla features and add a few new features (from version 1.17). now I want or try to enlarge the world size (height). since i have no idea if this is possible and if so. which I would then have to overwrite. my goal would be to expand the world by 128 down (to -128) and 64 up (to 320). I assume that the whole thing will not be easy because I have to overwrite the whole world generation (ores, caves, decoration, etc).
  14. okay since i probably misunderstood something. I thought I had to override another method thanks now it works
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