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  1. If your entity uses custom renderer class, override shouldRender(or something like that) and return true. Or do the thing diesieben07 advised. Depends if you need to render always or with a higher camera angle.
  2. Thanks for help! Also I see diesieben07 is kinda active, i see him and draco18(or how is he named) almost in every topic
  3. Ok I got it, use this event to register if anyone has the same problem: public void specialRecipesRegister(final RegistryEvent.Register<IRecipeSerializer<?>> event) { event.getRegistry().register(Marshmallow.MarshmallowRecipe.SERIALIZER.setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation("tds", "crafting_special_marshmallow"))); }
  4. Parsing error loading recipe tds:marshmallow com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: Invalid or unsupported recipe type 'tds:crafting_special_marshmallow'
  5. Thanks I guess I'll try, also I need it for one specific recipe
  6. I need to replace vanilla water bottle with empty bottle after craft, how can I do this? I will give code if you will advice me something and error occurs. EDIT: Version is 1.16.5
  7. i guess something with forge topic closed waiting for forge to start working
  8. forgot to say "edance" project is just a new to test if a new would open properly
  9. When trying to open new project or build old one this error occurs (I am using Intellij):
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