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  1. 1. Fixed the registration for WoodenStake class...works fine now 2. Forgot to create a private variable for the soundstring. Also working fine now. thnx a lot m8
  2. 1. I did create a subclass called WoodenStake and did override the appendHooverText method but still doesn't work. 2. Clicking on the Armor Stand doesn't work, but I just found out that when clicking on the Armor Stand, the following bug appears: [17:26:44] [Server thread/FATAL] [minecraft/ThreadTaskExecutor]: Error executing task on Server java.lang.NullPointerException: null at net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation.decompose(ResourceLocation.java:60) ~[forge:?] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation.<init>(ResourceLocation.java:38) ~[forge:?] {
  3. Goodmorning everyone I did some work on a material called Silver...Added ores, items, recipes and armor but I stumbled into some issues: 1. Can't seem to fix the appendHoverText for my WoodenStake item. It should display "Only kills vampires..." 2. How can I put my custom silver armor onto a ArmorStand 3. I added silver horse armor. This works fine but when I put it on a horse, the texture seems missing Can you guys help me out? Thnx https://github.com/DefDaemon/Daemons_Horror_Moon
  4. Well fixed the Java Null pointer error and started working on de hurtEnemy method. thnx for your support guys
  5. Done..... https://github.com/DefDaemon/Daemons_Horror_Moon Thnx for the advise
  6. I did some research on the Internet and came up with the code below. The only problem is that "wooden_stake" is not registered (Java Nullpointer error can't find "wooden_stake). What am I missing? public Main() { instance = this; IEventBus modEventBus = FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus(); modEventBus.addListener(this::setup); modEventBus.addListener(this::clientSetup); BlockList.BLOCKS.register(modEventBus); ItemList.ITEMS.register(modEventBus); EntityList.ENTITIES.register(modEventBus);
  7. Okay, I will start with that... thnx m8
  8. Hello I'm a total noob when it comes to modding, but I know some basics (can create blocks, items, ores, loottables etc), but now I want to create a custom weapon. It is a simple "wooden stake" to kill vampires with it. This weapon can be used once and will be removed after a single hit. Attack speed, harvesting level etc do not apply here. My first question: Should I base this weapon on the Item class or should I write a class that inherits from the SwordItem class? My second question: Where can I check if the entity I'm attacking is a vampire? Thnx
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