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  1. Thank you! Both of you were very helpful.
  2. Hi there. I just switched to forge 1.17.1 but can't find much documentation for what I need. Does anyone know where I can find any documentation on how to create a custom dimension, so a specific pattern to light a portal and when you enter it, it loads the custom dimension?
  3. These should be for you then https://resources.jetbrains.com/storage/products/intellij-idea/docs/IntelliJIDEA_ReferenceCard.pdf But What you're looking for is Ctrl + Shift + N
  4. IntelliJ -> Preferences -> Keymap Or just go Help and search preferences
  5. Depends. What keymap are you using? If you go under Preferences -> Keymap you can check
  6. Delete line 23 to 27. When instantiating your ArgentumChestplateModel class, give it 1.0F as a parameter.
  7. Hmm. I've been trying to look for a replacement for those but I'm not sure. Seems like there was a big change from 1.15 to 1.16. Try doing your own research maybe. Also, just curious. What exactly happens if you remove all the lines that have that error? Does the armor model partially work? Is there an error?
  8. public ExampleConstructor(float i) { super(i); /.../ } Your model constructor needs a float
  9. Oh. Then extend BipedModel in your Model class and replace setTextureOffset() with texOffs(), textureWidth with texWidth, textureHeight with texHeight. Not sure about body.setRotationPoint() though.
  10. I think you exported the model as an entity from blockbench, as your model class should extend BipedModel. Pick Block/Item this time.
  11. Put package com.skullblade.planeswalkermod.common.models; at the start of your class
  12. And what does it say when you hover over the class name which is underlined red...
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