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  1. Thanks bro. People make money on skins, or texture packs. If they are making money on the Game, is that not against the rules? If I made a texture that contains a dynamic image and then people paid me to change that image is that a no-no?
  2. Hi, I know that it is forbidden to charge people for your mod, but what are the actual restrictions and where can I find them?
  3. It's ok, I think I've found this particular problem - it does complain if your Projectile is registered as EntityType.Builder<>.of() with anything other than MobCategory.MISC For some crazy reason, I registered it with MobCategory.AMBIENT. This is where having cool examples would really come in handy 😄 Thank you diesieben07
  4. What if the Entity does not extend from LivingEntity? I have the same issue but with a Projectile. The EntityAttributeCreationEvent only wants LivingEntity: public void put(EntityType<? extends LivingEntity> entity, AttributeSupplier map)
  5. Sorry but, where did the RenderingRegistry class move to? It is commented out in the 1.17.1-37 version I have now
  6. I was working on a mod a while back, and now I've updated to Forge 1.17.1-37 and I have nearly 12 trillion compilation errors now. I've been fixing most of them, but I am still quite unclear on getting a fluid from a ForgeFlowingFluid to compile, let alone actually work. I wish there were an example that I can easily find.
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