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  1. Ok what java version you use and did you try to re-extract a new workspace from the mdk if you did try and it doesn't work download the mdk again maybe its corrupted
  2. oh so it's just like sorting a "basic" java list??
  3. I was talking to diesieben07 to explain more but I understood what you said Luis_ST about sorting the item class
  4. can you give me an example
  5. Hello I just want to ask how to sort an itemgroup for my mod thanks if you help.
  6. I just switched to IntelliJ and it worked, maybe my eclipse was bugged, anyways thank you all for your help
  7. Still don't work I changed the compiler version to Java 8, deleted and reinstalled it but still stuck with the same bug.
  8. Then how do I change it in eclipse
  9. Hello,I'm new to the modding world and I was ready to run my examplemod but then this happened, I have no idea on how to fix it, please help me and thanks if you do.
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