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  1. Hi all, I'm creating a tech mod and I want to add some fluids for use in the machines. I don't need them to be placeable or anything like that so I only will ever use the FluidStacks of the Fluid. I haven't found a proper way to do this however as I have only been able to find tutorials and implementations in forge that are placeable. Is there a proper way to do this or do I just have to add the ForgeFlowingFluid anyway and just not add a block for it? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. No, you will have to download one that is for windows. I suggest downloading the Windows x64 installer.
  3. I don’t think you have the proper java version installed. You need that to run the .jar file that makes up the installer. You can download it here: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase/jdk17-archive-downloads.html
  4. Hi everyone, I want to have an item where I can give it a color during runtime. I think the way to do this involves having multiple layers in the item model just like the vanilla potion does. How would I do such thing?
  5. I think what you want is new ItemStack(ModItems.JELLYFISH_JELLY.getDefaultInstance())
  6. Hi everyone, My mod is in a finished state and I wanted to test it once more before publishing it using the actual minecraft launcher with forge. Whenever I click play nothing happens. No error message, no instant ctd just nothing. That is until I close the launcher and restart it which is when i get the default message: I couldn't figure anything out when I checked debug.log except that it had something to do with the mixins in my mod. Which is a single mixin that enables adding a structure to jigsaw pools. Here is the debug.log. This never happened in the IntelliJ IDEA so I am only now seeing this. If you need any code, feel free to ask. Thank you for the help!
  7. Hi everyone, I want to have a tag for a structure I made for my mod. for use on treasure maps. When I test it using the /locate command the tag doesn't appear in the list. I'm not sure if this means that the tag doesn't exist or that it doesn't have any entries. Here is the code I use for creating the tags (I copied it from how they do it in net.minecraft.tags.ConfiguredStructureTags) public static class Structures{ public static final TagKey<ConfiguredStructureFeature<?, ?>> ABANDONED_BOTTLING_PLANT = createStructureTag("on_abandoned_bottling_plant_maps"); private static TagKey<ConfiguredStructureFeature<?, ?>> createStructureTag(String name){ return TagKey.create(Registry.CONFIGURED_STRUCTURE_FEATURE_REGISTRY, new ResourceLocation(name)); } } } (Inside the createStructureTag method I tried the ResourceLocation both with and without mod id) Did I forget anything here or maybe something I have to do in my Mod class or did I do something wrong in the JSON file. { "replace": false, "values": [ "pepsimc:abandoned_bottling_plant" ] } (btw my structure does work entirely fine) Thanks for the help!
  8. you might be able to do that with mixins. I’m not sure how they work but I suggest looking into that
  9. I think what you need is to add these two properties to Item.Properties when you register your item. .craftRemainder(Item you want it to become) .stacksTo(1) This is how the lava bucket does it: new Item.Properties()).craftRemainder(BUCKET).stacksTo(1).tab(CreativeModeTab.TAB_MISC) The only downside is that you probably won't be able to use the fuel block in recipes because it will give the item it will turn into as a remainder.
  10. You will need to use a DataSlot to actually pass the ContainerData over to the client. You can do this by just adding this line this.addDataSlots(data); to the constructor of your menu. I don't think you need to change anything else.
  11. Not sure what you posted here but that is not it. You can find it in C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\roaming\.minecraft\logs\latest.log or %appdata%\roaming\.minecraft\logs\latest.log
  12. Hi everyone, I have this custom village building in my mod (1.18.2) that I have implemented (as far as I know) in the same way as the folks from Immersive Engineering have done it. It works but I have only found around 5 or 6 cases where it did spawn even if I have set the weight of the piece to the max value (which is 150). I have done some testing but unfortunately I have no clue what is causing it. Here are some things I have discovered. I added this line of code after adding the pieces to their respective pools. TEMPLATE_POOL.get(new ResourceLocation("village/desert/houses")).getShuffledTemplates(new Random(0)).forEach(e->LogUtils.getLogger().debug(e.toString())); This showed the weights like they should be (150) . When using jigsaw blocks to spawn the jigsaw pieces the pieces were almost always my custom building so I assume that also works with my given weight. In a world with the exact same seed when I have disabled the piece being added any village has way less buildings than whenever I do add the pieces. Adding the piece multiple time to the village Pools does not change anything. I know this is quite niche and not many people might know what the issue is or even how to solve it. My theory is that maybe somehow the piece I added has a lot of criteria for the terrain or something (if that is a thing) that are almost never met or that no matter the weight I set for the piece I add, when it gets naturally generated it uses weight 1 for some reason. I could be dead wrong but I think those are the most likely. Every bit of help is appreciated. Thanks a lot! P.S. If you want me to show some code, feel free to ask.
  13. Hi, I have a recipeType that can be crafted in two separate blocks. I want to know how I would implement it so that JEI displays both blocks as able to craft the recipe Example I have implemented it for one of the blocks but I couldn't figure out how to do the second, even after reading the wiki on JEI's github page. If any more information is required feel free to ask! (I'm on 1.18.2 btw) Thanks!
  14. Hi, I want to render a texture on top of an item in an AbstractContainerScreen. When I just do blit without any other methods it only gets drawn on top half of the time. Are there any methods I can use to increase the depth or something. (I know RenderSystem.depthFunc() exists but I didn't find it to work when I tried it with this example) I know this might be lacking context so please feel free to ask for my code or any other things you need. Thank you!
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