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  1. That's what I figured based on what's currently documented. I still have some questions concerning ReadTheDocs, but this topic is not the place. Thanks for answering my questions about the wiki.
  2. So in general, start weening off of using the wiki in favor of the ReadTheDocs. Cool.
  3. That is unfortunate news. Will the new documentation site be able to showcase full-fledge example code? What about the references to the wiki (https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Documentation/blob/master/docs/styleguide.md) for "more comprehensive code examples"? Just out of curiosity, what sort of maintenance problems were you facing?
  4. What is the point of the wiki at this point? The database has been locked preventing any edits. Despite the fact the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extension was removed, which probably improved the performance, no content has been added or edit since May 2015! There are pages that reveal the syntax for SMW rendering as plaintext. I was excited that the SMW extension was removed; it overcomplicated many pages. I planned on editing the unparsed syntax out, but am unable now. What direction is the wiki going? Is a new one under development? Are we keeping it archived indefinitely? Will it be removed entirely?
  5. They may be around here, so keep an eye out! Don't know how to spot a help vampire? Arm yourself... with knowledge!
  6. There are a lot of free resources online, but like NujumKey said and great news there are online classes available for free too: Class central is a good starting point from selecting classes https://www.class-central.com/ Same for Coursera https://www.coursera.org/ Many well to do universities offer OpenCourseWare Harvard http://cs50.tv/2013/fall/ MIT http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm Yale http://oyc.yale.edu/ Stanford http://see.stanford.edu/see/courses.aspx Not only should you know about the language itself (variables, control statements, etc.), you should learn about its design paradigm (e.g. object-oriented, imperative, etc.). And don't forget to check out courses that cover data structures and algorithm analysis (these are the most important IMHO and as a computer scientist). Plus knowing mathematics like linear algebra, set theory, and computational theory will help but isn't strictly required (though more math = more power [muhaha]). Also anything about clean code, effective java, and a splash of documentation goes a long way. There is a lot to know, so take it in strides. Personally, I started learning this about 6 years ago. Only recently did I want to do something for Minecraft. Good luck, have fun!
  7. What issues is the wiki having? I was reorganizing and fixing a lot of the pages. But the only issues I have noticed are a temporary out of service error (HTTP503) and all pages are slow to load.
  8. Should you localize error messages? Which errors should have a localization and which errors should not have a localization? Some thoughts: Errors that the user caused and don't crash anything should be localized Errors that the user caused and crash something should not be localized Errors that are out of the user's control, should they see the message If so, it should not be localized so the developer or support can find the error within their system If not, the user has an error message they may not be able to read but can look up (e.g. Google it) I am curious what other developers do. I've seen some localize their error messages, others hard code the error message, and read some use error catalogs.
  9. Just in case someone winds up here and for some reason did not look at the tutorial pages on the wiki: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Localizing
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