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  1. Using version 1021 of Forge and Juno SR2 of Eclipse (20130225-0426). There is no launchwrapper-1.9.jar anywhere in my Forge directory, and for that matter, there is no such file anywhere on my entire C:\ drive. I've run the entire setup process at least five times by now to address various other issues, and have had zero errors on any of the processes. Still can't run the client from within Eclipse. It's obviously not a problem with an outdated version of Eclipse if the file does not even exist. Suggestions?
  2. Thank you. That I can totally understand and I can totally get on that boat. This is the kind of answer that I was hoping for. I'd like to see this list elaborated on somewhere for those who have the same concern/question but I realize that 1) you're a busy guy and 2) it isn't really your job anyhow, is it? Anyway, thank you for taking the time to answer, and I apologize for any arguments started by the thread. Shad
  3. I'm sorry if I seem a downer - or if I am going off-topic - but I'm failing to understand something, and if someone can offer me some enlightenment, I'd really appreciate it. Why has Gradle/ForgeGradle been implemented? I haven't been messing with mods or Java long - only for about seven months - but I've been coding for MC since day one of that, have gone through setting up Forge for every significant build since then, and I honestly don't see what ForgeGradle is offering in the bigger picture. Taken at face value, the installation of the Forge src is complicated now and totally no
  4. This is part of your issue, I think. The setup doesn't like it when you phrase stuff like this, in my experience. Instead: let's say you init your TomatoSeeds.itemID in your core mod file (AdenMod.java/.class); you'll want to put it down as return AdenMod.TomatoSeeds.itemID For a practical example, here's part of one of mine. I register and init all my crop stuff in my CropReg file. (I have no clue what the difference is between your public and my protected, btw.) protected int getSeedItem() { return CropReg.ItemSeedAtigana.itemID; } protected int
  5. My apologies. Full file paths, for my setup; first set is with the .class files after recompilation, second set is with the .java files before recompilation: C:\Files\forge\mcp\eclipse\Minecraft\bin\mods\minehack\textures\items\name.png C:\Files\forge\mcp\eclipse\Minecraft\bin\mods\minehack\textures\blocks\name.png C:\Files\forge\mcp\src\minecraft\mods\minehack\textures\items\name.png C:\Files\forge\mcp\src\minecraft\mods\minehack\textures\blocks\name.png I mean both. It was a random idea; on mouseover in live, the blocks have 'tile.Antigonite.name' for instance, so
  6. As for locations, here is what's working for me at the moment: 1) Within Eclipse/Forge/MCP: - Keep setup the same: {modid}\textures\{items/blocks}\name.png 2) After recompiling & obfuscation, ready for live play: \assets\{modid}\textures\items\name.png Unfortunately, blocks does not seem to be playing by the same rule for me *despite* the following: 3) After opening the 1.6.1 jar in .minecraft/versions/, this is what I'm finding: \assets\{modid}\textures\blocks\ \assets\{modid}\textures\items\ \assets\{modid}\textures\entities\{mobtype}\name.png GUI, paintings,
  7. I second SanAndreasP. If you want to run a version 1.5.2 or earlier, get MultiMC. I've been using it for a few months now and I love it to pieces. It is easy to use, you can specify directories for the MultiMC instances, there does not seem to be any shared folders between MultiMC instances, and it's a tiny little uncomplicated program. I intend to keep using it, period. In regards to *having* to use Mojang's launcher, I assume that is meant in terms of using the new launcher for releases 1.6 and onwards, and is not going to be applied to older versions. (I don't know for certain,
  8. ^ x2. I was messing around with it last night pre-installer because I'm impatient like that, and let me tell you - after an hour of futzing with things and still not getting them to work, being able to download the installer and just have it work like *snap* was SOOO NICE. Thank you, guys!!
  9. Thank you for the help! Just for clarification: I should have a separate file for both shaped and shapeless recipes? Your code looks like you've got a package for recipes, but a single file for each type. So, if that's the case, I should have two files in my Recipes package and in the @init in my coremod file I should have: ShapedRecipes.init(); ShapelessRecipes.init(); +karma for you, too
  10. I apologize if this has been asked and solved before, but I did search and couldn't find anything useful. I've got the basics of Java, but it's deep code that I'm not familiar with yet and I would like to ask for some help. What I would like to do is be able to take my code for creating new creative tabs and for registering new recipes out of my central mod file and place them in their own separate files. Will a simple 'Blah extends BlahBlah' in the separate files suffice, or will I need to put some code inside the central mod file to make load references to those separate files? (May
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