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  1. Hello All, I am currently writing my new mod, and to help me in the build process I would like to know how I can link the revision build number (Major.Minor.Revision) automatically in my mod's Jar file, and if possible the Java files for the mod deceleration version as well. Thanks for all help in advanced, Thomas
  2. Are you a content creator on YouTube/Twitch/Hitbox etc? Would you like one place to have you streaming community and play modded minecraft? Look no further than TT Gaming. We have a teamspeak server where you can have your own Room (Channel) where your stream staff/followers/subscribers or people you are filming with on the server can go, a dedicated server only for the whitelist (and a few other invited people). We operate on a dedicated server for the optimum lag free experience. I will happily answer questions. - Thomas (Co Founder, TT Gaming) Sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/l6Dh96VFDx
  3. Thanks for your quick reply - I'm going to give this a try!
  4. Hello Everyone! What I want to do is register a certain set of crafting recipes based on what the Gamemode of the world is (Harder crafting recipes for Hardcore, and the normal set for survival/creative). All I have done so far is declared a boolean which I plan to set to 'true' if the world in in hardcore mode, and 'false' if it isn't. But now I don't know what to do! Thanks in advanced - Thomas
  5. I just started a build of my mod, as no errors were being displayed in intelij, but when the build starts, after around 16 seconds, I get a build failure. The build output into cmd can be found here: http://pastebin.com/dQAbRaXa If you need any more information, I will be happy to provide it. Thanks - Thomas
  6. I am currently using a Jenkins build system, and I am following the wiki tutorial for how to set it up. The problem I have is that my source code is stored in one folder, and mcp is in another folder (like pahimar's system). I therefore don't know what to change to setup the build process. Any help would be appreciated - Thomas
  7. I am currently trying to setup a build system with github and travis-ci.org . I don't know how to handle the building though. If someone could help, it would be great! Thanks - Thomas
  8. is there any 'recomendable' tutorials?
  9. So there's the grain of salt that will come with your mod. What API would be recomended for basic machines?
  10. Can anyone point me to tutorials for tutorials on the Universal Electricity API to make some custom Machines? Thanks - Thomas
  11. Check out ChestGenHooks. //Example code: ChestGenHooks.getInfo(ChestGenHooks.VILLAGE_BLACKSMITH).addItem(new WeightedRandomChestContent(new ItemStack(yourItem),1,4,20)); ChestGenHooks.getInfo(ChestGenHooks.DUNGEON_CHEST).addItem(new WeightedRandomChestContent(new ItemStack(yourItem),1,3,5)); // Last three params: numMin, numMax, and chance to appear in chest (golden apple 1, bread 100) Thank you
  12. I did but I'll do it again try reobfuscate_srg.bat/.sh
  13. Do you have a github/bitbucket we could look at, so we can just look at any code we need to look at?
  14. How do I make my swords a dengeon/villager chest find? - Thomas
  15. are you using Reobfuscate.bat/sh or Reobfuscate_srg.bat/sh ? Reofuscate_srg works better.
  16. this should actually be : in your first version file1 doesnt exists anywhere, the compiler dont know wtf you're talking about in version 2 i create one and this reference is passed to the method BTW THIS BASIC JAVA i suggest you go at least over the basics before going any further, itll help in the long run. because if you think you can do ASM in this state, wake up will be hard good modding All fixed. Thank you very much! I am not going to learn java from VSWE's java course Thank you again, - Thomas
  17. Could i hard code it with @Override annotation? I want to incorperate it streight into my mod not have to make a seperate coremod witch i understand is what you have to do...
  18. ... ah man .... [lmgtfy]file cannot be resolved to a variable[/lmgtfy] learning java is important to make awesome mods EDIT: forge tutorial on config files: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/How_to_make_an_advanced_configuration_file I did that, im even more confused! I've updated github.
  19. How is the best way for me to override the diamound sword/pickaxe/axe/hoe/shovel and iron sword/pickaxe/axe/hoe/shovel crafting recipe?
  20. line 33 of RSM: ConfigHandler.init(null); so yes its normal thsi fails you need to create a new file File file = new File("wtfman:P.cfg"); ConfigHandler.init(file); jsut a comparison, mine looks like this, its using forge build in system: // Configuration private Configuration config; @EventHandler public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) { EquipmentStatsBase.setupMap(); // the advantage of usign config files is that if theres a conflict // between 2 items or 2 block, the config file will generate a new id // for the block that wont go in conflict with any other id, preventing // crashes. config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile()); blockIds = new int[] { config.getBlock("orichalcumOre", 509).getInt() , config.getBlock("unobtainiumOre", 510).getInt() }; itemIds = new int[] {config.getItem("test", 1000).getInt(), config.getItem("magestaff", 1001).getInt(), config.getItem("heartoftheadmin", 1002).getInt(), config.getItem("mythil", 1003).getInt(), config.getItem("meteorite", 1004).getInt(), config.getItem("adamantium", 1005).getInt(), config.getItem("orichalcum", 1006).getInt(), config.getItem("unobtainium", 1007).getInt(),}; config.save(); I modified the RSM class to how i understand it from your post (updated github) but i still get a crash.
  21. Im gunna re - -write the config class, to see if that fixes it Re - Written config. Still crashes. I updated the code on my github.
  22. Nothing to do with the question, but use github or pastebin for your code - its cleaner and then we can look anywere in ur code to try and fix it.
  23. Im gunna re - -write the config class, to see if that fixes it
  24. Modified some of the code. Still crashes.
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