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  1. 1.7.10 is no longer supported in this forum.
  2. To send data to the server you would have to create a custom packet (IMessage) along with a handler (IMessageHandler) and a NetworkWrapper for your mod using NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.newSimpleChannel. All it'd have to do is contain the relevant data (x,y,z) and on the handler get the tile entity at that location and update your data. Hope this helps in some way
  3. 1) How are you launching Minecraft in your Run Config? 2) Was it working before? 3) How did you set up your enviroment? Also, should be in modder support I think.
  4. What do you mean by 'won't work'. If you can get the launcher open and play the game give us the log from .minecraft/logs/fml-client-latest.log.
  5. The issue is that you make your own instance of IBlockAccess and use that, the World world that is passed into onBlockActivated implements IBlockAccess. Use that,
  6. You need to return your Container on your Server and GUI on your Client.
  7. private static final ResourceLocation texture = new ResourceLocation("downgrademod/textures/blocks/slime.png"); should be private static final ResourceLocation texture = new ResourceLocation("downgrademod", "textures/blocks/slime.png");
  8. PR is an option, but it is hard to make the PR for this due to many reasons. 1. Galacticraft only changes the behavior of Player. Of course there are some alien mobs, but they are custom mobs by Galacticraft which can easily be modified (for Galacticraft). 2. Modifying Gravitation Effect is not that easy. For gravitation effect is hard-coded, and each entities got different methods for gravitation. Plus, there are custom entities added by mods which would have different mechanism of gravitation. 3. If this would made as a PR, it will contain so many changes. It would make the PR hard to accept. If you think a PR will be hard to accept, who do you expect to do this? PR or a patch by one of the Forge Team, they would both contain the same amount of changes. You don't even need this in forge, use ASM or Reflection. I will say 1 thing. If you want this, you will most likely need to do it yourself and PR it.
  9. If YOU need it so much, why not make a Pull Request? We are not here just to make your job easier. Galacticraft already does this, so its not "impossible".
  10. Updated the OP with new information
  11. -.- Maybe try putting it in an actual mod. Minecraft needs to initialize these classes first.
  12. Permission to facedesk? In BlockState there is a getBlock() method -.-
  13. This is a Forge Forum. We do not support Base Editing here.
  14. What are you wanting in your "Custom Client". Everything that you could probably want can be done in Forge with no need to edit base classes. Base Editing is not supported.
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