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  1. you're running the 1.6 minecraft launcher aren't you? there's a drop down menu, the forge installer will have placed a new option there.... if it hasn't, then your assertion that the installer has installed fine isn't true - and you'll have to go back to that step.
  2. methinks cpw's ironchests is always a good place to start with this: https://github.com/cpw/ironchest in fact, it's generally a good place to start for any new release of forge i find, as it's sortof a "sandbox" for any new api shenanigans... edit: i look like a right git now you've added the code since i posted the above, i thought you simply didn't know where to start
  3. For the first google it, for the second there are tutorials if you google it. Also you may want to strat with a cup of java, here: http://courses.vswe.se/ personally, I didn't even create an account here until after i'd watched all of vswe's modding courses... i felt unqualified or rather, i felt it was important i felt completely happy with the terminology and the environment and the processes before i started jumping in here... [ that's not to say i felt intimidated by these forums, not at all... i just felt that was a minimum requirement to be a "beginning modder" than a "floundering n00b" ] edit: caveat, that in no way means i'm qualified now, it just means i don't feel unqualified
  4. exactly... and you need to be using the ID in the @Instance, but you're not. is wrong.
  5. see the details in gregoriousT's profile on ic forums... http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=User&userID=5045 first. figure out how to use the wiki. http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/How_to_use_the_ore_dictionary
  6. also, you have @Instance(Reference.MOD_N) rather than your Reference.MOD_ID ... i'm taking a note from gotolink's comments on other threads here that and http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Basic_Modding of course, you may have the same value for both constants, but if you don't - or change one of them in the future to be more wordy, then <bork>
  7. did you do what gotolink suggested? i.e. fix the instance name? you were using @Instance("The Nether Overhaul") rather than the modid...
  8. well, i didn't really forget that... i was more showing a proof of concept for the, erm... concept but yes, you'd definitely need that. 'course, you could say that if [any player]'s walk distance modulo 7 == 0 then "a random event has occurred" is still true edit: i'm picking 7 as an arbitrary prime number there, of course, i'm not suggesting that is a specific requirement of the suggestion
  9. from your detailed crash report i'm guessing that it's crashing because the item has no itemID? are you branching your code to take this into account? i.e. are you ensuring that anywhere where that item would have been referenced when it does have a valid ID, is not reached when it doesn't? for example - in pseudo code: if ( configItemEnabled ) { do thing with item } else { skip thing and don't go anywhere near thinking about referencing the item } everywhere where you would otherwise just use the item....
  10. aha! is that being instantiated in ContainerFurnace then? I'd forgotten about Containers ... derpme. Mew.addStat(AchievementList.niceAnswer, 1);
  11. I'm not Mew, and I can guarantee Mew knows more than I on this matter but personally, I would just derive my own furnace from BlockFurnace, then derive my own tile entity from TileEntityFurnace... in my new class for the "MyBlockFurnace" i'd simply add an override onBlockActivated to point the gui to "MyTileEntityFurnace" and in "MyTileEntityFurnace" i'd simply add an override for canSmelt() and check in there if the itemstack in the furnace is in a list/array of those I want to allow.... ... I'm not saying this is correct I'm certainly not saying it's the most efficient way - I'm just saying that I'd probably try that way myself first... Mew will hopefully point out the stupidity of this, or say "actually that'll work" - i hope for the latter, i expect the former [ and if i was at home, i'd have tried this before posting it, but i'm not, so i haven't ]
  12. how far have you got? have you derived/taken from BlockFurnace and TileEntityFurnace? if not... at least try - the code is pretty obvious from those vanilla classes
  13. tbh, i nearly went "nah" myself... and then had a lateral moment when i saw that property exposed
  14. i was about to reply to say have you tried mazetar's tute... but i see you have... i've only got that far myself... haven't done buckets yet, i just /gave myself the block [and now i must go to work... ]
  15. you can use xmllint on the command line in terminal... and what it identifies is that you've closed "target" here: <target name="clean"/> <delete dir="${build.dir.development}\forge\mcp\src\minecraft\" /> <delete dir="${build.dir.development}\mcp\reobf\minecraft" /> </target> take out that slash from the opening tag [ edit: to clarify, xmllint is osx's xml commandline validator tool... i happen to use smultron as a general editor... but its xml validator seems to be lame ]
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