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  1. This boolean is called when the mob jumps then it sets the yAxis motion, so when your mob is in water it jumps then you set isJumping to false, saying that your mob never jumps so it doesn't float. set it like vanilla does not to false.
  2. You forgot to put in GL11.glPushMatrix() and GL11.glPopMatrix() at the start and end.
  3. You might have to remap the texture coords on your model, to get it right, or use larsgerrits way.
  4. You would probably have to use ASM core mods to inject what you need changing that is the best way without base edits, or you could try reflection, it might make performance decrease when your mod is installed btw.
  5. If you know c# well then coding in Java shouldn't be much different just syntax changes and you can always have the docs to reference, so you could build the bridge yourself just fork the MinecraftForge git repo.
  6. They form the base to, if you look at the EntityFX class you will see a motionX, motionY, motionZ, I would think he adds a delay to the motionY so it stays at the bottom for a little while them rises up, but that is just a guess I can't look at the code because it is closed source.
  7. ohhh ok thanks, that seems a hard way to do it, considering how tessellators work, they're hard for 2D things in my opinion, forgetting about using them for 3D effects.
  8. You know how the pipes are rendered there is no model or anything it is just a texture.
  9. Does anyone know how to render a model from a texture like Buildcraft does? I looked at their code to try to figure out how to do it but I can't get my head around it.
  10. Use loops for the XYZ directions. like larsgerrits said.
  11. Add to the dependency so you mod is loaded after IC2 maybe, you have not put up your main mod file so I don't know if you have done that already.
  12. If you want to draw a string why are you using onWorldTick? you should use TickEvent.RenderTickEvent. to render and TickEvent.WorldTickEvent for logic (what I can see your trying to track mobs I think), like GotoLink said look at your code there are errors there.
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