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  1. You put registries in: public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event){
  2. log2, is birch or what other wood type.
  3. As coolAlias said, your item IDs are conflicting with vanilla items, As I saw in the console error. You might want to move the IDs up to around 1500 to start off, so then the vanilla items won't override them. (Also, this might just be in legacy, but I didn't see a public static in front of those item statements.) //Try defining the ItemID in this statement public static Item ExampleHelmet = new ArmourSetExample(1500, ArmourSetExample, 0,0, "Example").setUnlocalizedName("ExampleHelmet"); Also use public static Item, or block in front.
  4. Oh, and to make it run on sunlight, you might wanna take a look at the light detector thingy, or whatever its called.
  5. To have a custom top/filler block: this.topBlock = (byte)YouModName.ExampleBlock.blockID; this.fillerBlock = (byte)YourModName.ExampleBlock.blockID; So you want a flower only to be allowed to get placed on an obsidian block? Hmm... I have done flowers and found that I cannot define one block it can spawn on. (Sorry.) If still confused: this.topBlock = (byte)MainModClassName.(It should come up with a list after you type the MainModClassName., there scroll through and chose you block name.).blockID; Your custom block's ID has to be under 256 for it to generate.
  6. You might be missing a section in the code.
  7. You don't need to remove the biomes, but you can. I would recommend this: Biome Class: (Replace YOURMODCLASS with your mod class name, and it will have an error at the package, just click "change to: your package name") package com.example.biome; import (Your Main Mod File), EX: import com.example.BaseModClassFile; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.world.biome.BiomeGenBase; public class YOURMODCLASS extends BiomeGenBase{ public YOURMODCLASS(int id) { super(id); this.topBlock = (byte)ThomasMod.Rubble.blockID; this.fillerBlock = (byte)Block.cobblestoneMossy
  8. NVM... fixed it. I did not have to zip the file, I layer it out as the same as another mod, it worked.
  9. Thanks! I just messed around with blender but its so confusing. Thanks!
  10. Did you import it? is "mod" your main class file name? Remove the .itemID?
  11. Does anybody know a good modeler for mac? I would like to create a boss or a new textured item/block. Thanks!
  12. Alright, thanks for the help guys. I am copying the code for the arrow, but how might I get to the reference called "arrow"? Would you recommend a tutorial?
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