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  1. I can't see how doing it manually can be so difficult. I've always installed forge and mods manually, and had no issues (touch wood). All you do is copy a few files here and there and you're done. Just make sure you read up on it before you go into it. For example, if you're installing Forge, read the wiki for how to do it. If you're installing a mod, then look on their thread or their readme files on how to install it. A good mod author(s), in my opinion, should always provide clear instructions on how to (un)installation their mod, no matter how simple it is.
  2. This is pretty much what I do, maybe not named as they are here, but the important stuff should be there. The @Mod class. ClientProxy class. MyTickHandler class. Your leaves class should be okay. Also remember to change the names of the classes and things to the ones you're using. Hope this helps.
  3. Like I said, read the wiki page I gave the link for. Make a new class file and implement the ITickHandler Interface then register it in your client proxy using something l like this:
  4. On the wiki (here), there is an example of how to set up the Tick Handler. If you haven't already, go through this. In there is an OnRenderTick method. Inside that I do this for my leaves: The isWorldLoaded() is just a method checking if the world is loaded (!= null). I then call the leaves' setGraphicsLevel() method which then sets the fancy graphics on/off. I don't use the 'this.blockIndexInTexture' line. Obviously, make sure you change it so that it calls for your leaves block and not mine lol. The code may need cleaning up a bit, but this is how I do it and it works for me. I
  5. Just had a look at the code you've posted on the OP and I have found this in your canSmelt and smeltItem methods: ItemStack var1 = FurnaceRecipes.smelting().getSmeltingResult(this.furnaceItemStacks[0]); I know that was over a week ago and is probably old code by now, but did you change those lines to something like this? ItemStack var1 = ThorMod_GoldronFurnaceRecipes.smelting().getSmeltingResult(this.furnaceItemStacks[0]);
  6. Minecraft Generations Version: 0.1.0 MC Version: 1.3.2 Requires: MC Forge, Universal ( or higher) Information Minecraft Generations is a mod which aims to change the way you'd usually play Minecraft. It does this by adding features, like the inability to punch trees for wood, no more wooden tools and adding new Tools, Materials and Crafting Recipes. There have been a lot of changes to Minecraft, so scroll around to familiarise yourself. As this mod changes game-play, so I have included a GettingStarted.txt file. This is just a simple text file telling you how to
  7. Well for your Gold Ore example, what I suggest you do is generate stone where there are Gold Ores and then regenerate the Gold Ores to your specifications (like 32+ Y). Although, that depends if user generated ores/blocks are called after the vanilla blocks. That might be the clumsy and messy method you've mentioned, but its a way that can work without touching any Vanilla classes, which is always a plus.
  8. I think that was the whole point of that piece of code, but you can just simply change the return statement to do what ever you want it to do. You could return a whole List/Array of the blocks or just an Integer ( int ), which returns the amount of the blocks it can find with the same Block ID. There is so much you can do with that little function
  9. There are a few tutorial series knocking around in the MC Forums at the Tutorials section. Here are a few links: MC Forums Tutorials Section deverions forge modding tutorials (MC forum topic) freezzerrr's Video tutorials (MC forum topic) In my view, modding MC isn't like modding some other games out there which have their own 'construction kits' or some sort of third party program to just add things here and there. To mod MC you need to know the basics in programming in order to mod MC, especially Object Oriented Programming, as Java is a OO-Programming language. Programming can
  10. Oh right. Okay then. That makes sense. Nothing that a simple If-statement can't 'fix'. Thanks
  11. I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm (most likely) failing and doing it wrong. So I'll post just it here as a 'Help!' topic When I use the ICraftingHandler's onCrafting method, it gets called twice. Here is the code: The Client Proxy Class, registering the MCGCraftingHandler class. public class MCGClientProxy extends MCGCommonProxy { @Override public void registerRenderInformation() { MCG mcg = new MCG(); GameRegistry.registerCraftingHandler(new MCGCraftingHandler()); KeyBindingRegistry.registerKeyBinding(new MCGKeyHandler(mcg)); TickRegistry.registerTickHandler(mcg, Sid
  12. Hello. I'm not sure about adding a new texture on the HUD, but I did manage to place a string/text on the screen. Follow the Ticking example on the wiki. This a very handy thing to know/have if you want to add things that require constant updates. Once you have that ready, add this in the onRenderTick() Method: FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient().fontRenderer.drawStringWithShadow(displayText(String), x(int), y(int), color(int)); Bare in mind this could be tidied up, but this was just from a quick test I've just done a few minutes ago. Obviously, don't forget to chan
  13. Okay. After a spark of insipration (and a night sleep), I think I've done it. The idea of it was to use a tick method and basically have a boolean flag indicating if a world has be loaded. How I did was I made myself a TickHandler class using the example on the wiki. I then just made the boolean variable and checked it along with checking the MC.theWorld whether it is null. The code for what I've done is below if anyone is curious. The key methods are the OnTickInGame() and the OnTickInGUI(). I've also added an Unload method while I was at it. public class MyTickHandler imple
  14. I was wondering if there was an OnLoad event/method anywhere for when the player loads a new/saved world. For example, once the user enters a world, an 'onLoad' method or similar is called. I've been looking around the files and had no luck. So I thought I'd better ask here, just in case I've missed it. If not, is there any way of adding one myself or at least a work around? I have a feeling it'll need one of the orginal classes to do so. I'd rather not edit any orginal classes, as that'll obviously decrease the chances of mod compatibility with other mods. I did try the Load event c
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