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  1. Thanks, this is exactly what I searched for! i just wondered coz I thought ores are a kind of terrain gen Isn't this changable? Would be awesome if support for IDs above 256 for gen-blocks would be a new feature of Forge
  2. Does actually EVERY block that is generated in terrain has to be under block-ID 256? Thanks in advance!
  3. Sorry I know this maybe don't belongs here but why do we need to login for http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net now?! thats NOT cool! Thx in advance.
  4. You can thank me by vote my Karma up and clicking "Thank you"
  5. So if I understand right do you want to install Minecraftforge, Optifine etc. in your client and want to join a bukkit server? If so just download the LATEST build of forge and put it in your 1.3.2-Minecraft.jar (just force-update it before u do)... You can even join your 1.3.1 bukkit-server with a 1.3.2 client just by the way: you cannot install forge into your bukkit at the moment... we have to wait for mcportcentral to update (just in case that you wanted to do this)... DONT use modloader and Minecraftforge together cause forge has its own modloader: FML (ForgeModLoader)... if you're modloader-mod doesn't work with only forge installed tell it the mod-maker of your modloader-mod and ask for making his modloader-mod for forge! hope that helped
  6. haha no problem if u ever search a version of minecraftforge again just use jenkins
  7. here you go: http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net:7070/job/forge/152/ just download client... its which is the last recommended build for 1.2.5 and for forge 3.3.8.X forge 4.0.0.XXX cannot work for 1.2.5 .. just by the way
  8. I cannot analyze this error but I think it failed to download the libraries and put it in your main server-folder where the minecraft_server.jar is located. so, here step for step: 1. make a new folder in the folder where your minecraft_server.jar is located called "libs" without quotes 2. download this .zip : http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/fml_libs.zip 3. put the jars from the downloaded .zip into your libs-folder 4. just to make sure: get a new minecraft_server.jar from http://minecraft.net/download 5. extract the files from forge into the minecraft_server.jar and try to run server... if failed try with just try out and tell me
  9. ups sorry I dont saw your post sry EDIT: its better to use my link (the minecraftforum-link) cause its updated
  10. here u go: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1323408-creating-mods-helfulls-tutorials-125forge/ but its THAT easy: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Helfull%27s+Tutorials#seen
  11. what version of forge do u use? try the latest working build ( try to redownload the libs... try to run updatemcp.bat and updatemd5.bat before running forge-installer... tell me if sth. works
  12. you just cannot say "I installed forge and my mods dont work." do u use 1.2.5 ? cause railcraft and all these mods aren't updated for 1.3.2 --> they're still for 1.2.5... so u definitely cannot use these mods with the recent forge like u said in your post... so what do u mean with "recent version of forge"? do u mean the latest 1.2.5-version? pls describe exactly thx
  13. I really dont know what to do and I think the reason is that I dont understand ur problem but if u use eclipse u can import packages automatically ? CTRL+SHIFT+O what I did exactly (im really not THAT pro) is: opened eclipse, select \mcp\eclipse as workspace, in project explorer extended "minecraft" -> "common" and then rightclicked "common" and made my own new package in there with name "testmod.common" then i rightclicked my package and clicked "new" -> "class" and finished that... then I made my small test-mod (just new recipes and smelting to test new forge ) the output is like i defined above... I know that this wont help much but pls try to descrive ur problem more exactly...
  14. I cannot analyse your error (im not THAT pro) but just some tipps: 1. You know that Minecraftforge-Universal is only for vanilla (just asked) ? if, u just have to download the VANILLA-server from minecraft.net/download and then open it with winrar. open minecraftforge-universal too and copy files from it into minecraft_server.jar and it have to work... just put mod in mods-folder and there u go (i think this tipp isn't good and i guess u already know this ) 2. did u get the latest version of the mod? the ltest update DEFINITELY supports mnecraftforge im sorry if this was not THAT helpful... sry guy
  15. yes, right... or... I just made a little test-mod in 1.3.2 with the new forge to test it and made it with eclipse and this way was the only one which looks good for me... and it works... when i obfuscated my output in /reobf-folder is: minecraft/Test-Mod(the name of my test mod xDDD)/common and what i do is zipping the folder "Test-Mod" and put it in mods-folder and all works great... just to give u and idea how to do it
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