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  1. Ok, but what is LivingHurtEvent? I can't seem to find a class or a (static) method by that name.
  2. What code should I add to a projectile to make it give a hit player a potion effect?
  3. This should fix it. First, you should try changing your block file code to "public static BlockDarklandPortal darklandPortal = new BLockDarklandPortal()" I have previously had trouble with methods in parenthesis before itself. Then, for your code: public BlockDarklandPortal() { super("darklandPortal", Material.portal, false); this.setTickRandomly(true); setBlockName("darklandPortal"); setBlockTextureName( [YOURMODSCLASS].MODID + ":" +"textures/portals/darklandPortal.png"); setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabBlock); GameRegistry.registerBlock(this, "
  4. I did. I actually solved the button problem by doing *gasp* nothing. I just tried gradlew building it again and it worked fine. Weird.
  5. I think I see the problem. I did not use drawButton, only this.buttonList.add.
  6. How are buttons in a GUI set up? Simple question, but I'm confused. Also, I have a deadline in 4 hours. [move][/move]
  8. Bump. Sorry I'm bumping so much but I have to fix this by 2:00 Pacific time. That's 5 hours till deadline.
  9. You have to be patient. For me it takes 5 minutes saying "Verifying Application Requirements..." before it actually starts up.
  10. Wuppy's setup is a great setup, It makes everything a whole crapload easier. I've tried both ways. Also, I've heard the normal setup does not work for some people due to eclipse freaking out.
  11. It fixed it... partially. The GUI will open and close now, but buttons don't do ANYTHING. So.. How do I set the texture of a button?, and How do I see if it is working?
  12. Looks like you need a common(server) proxy called CommonProxy in net.HogansCraft.mod.proxy. Here is some example code: package net.HogansCraft.mod.proxy; public class CommonProxy { }
  13. If I were you, I wouldn't do that. Really. I strongly advise against it. However, if you must; There is editable code. This is how you get to it: In eclipse, look for the "build" folder. Navigate to "tmp", then to "recompSrc". Inside there, there is a huge repository of editable files. The Minecraft folders are located in recompSrc's "net", then "minecraft" folders. I don't know whether these are the actually running files when you start Minecraft in eclipse, or if it is the folders in forgeSrc in "Referenced Libraries" that contains uneditable code. Either way, the code in rec
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