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  1. Minecraft is using an ancient version of LWJGL, are your sure your methods are implemented ?
  2. If you look in the F3 menu and move, does the pixel changing stop if your movement research 0 ? (the X/Y/Z cords stops changing). The Sphere disappears if you look from another side, is the render code still running ? And disappears everything at once or are there faces left ?
  3. It matters if the selected Area is about 100 blocks big.
  4. But if the Chunk the TilEntity is in is not rendered it would not render even if I override this function right ?
  5. In 1.8 the INFINITE_EXTENDED_AABB seem not to work probably. maybe you try to make a box from y 0 to 255 and with correct x/z cords
  6. In the 1.8.9 the render "optimisation" ignores sometimes the renderbox from my TileEntity and because this TileEntity is for marking huge areas (200x200 blocks and more) it would be very nice if there is an Event that is called before/after the world is Rendered. I know I could use invisible Blocks with TileEntitys but maybe youknow another way.
  7. The FOV bug is from Minecraft itself. In vanilla this also happens sometimes. (Very often in Caves)
  8. For the Client there is a Packet that is used to Update the Entity (an then they are rendered red if they got hit) maybe you should look how this works.
  9. Or this one. It teaches how to use static methods.
  10. Is it better to iterate over the array and check params and return type ?
  11. This is the correct Method for adding a simple brewing recipe, now you only need to calm them correctly (now it is wrong).
  12. Is it also possible to get the Method with getDeclaredMethods() and then using the right number ? Or is the position changing (on server/client side, deobfuscated/reobfuscated)
  13. Then you need to get the Item instance from the Mod (look in the Items.class and you see how vanilla gets an item by a String)
  14. In your Gui class there are 2 outputs created if you click button one. Is there any Server output in the Log ? If no (and it should be so) then every thing only happens at the client. And if you click on an Item in a Gui and it disappear this is because the Server never had this Item. So you need to use packet handling if something like click at this button to start the progress should happen. (Mouse clicks are only client)
  15. 1)Yes, of course you can. 2)Use an EventHandler to get the player instance and then use a method inside the PlayerInventory to give him an item. 3)Well Forge and all modding would be pointless if this doesn't work, right?
  16. OK I found the problem causing this to happen randomly. I (stupidly) had 2 FMLPreInit Events in my main class, one for Server and Client the other one only for client. Sometimes the only-client-method got called before the other one for both sides, so the blocks are not registered yet but allready got a stateMapper, this caused them to break and to do this strange stuff.
  17. Ok I thing i maybe fixed this bug. I had a not-working statemapper for a custom fluid so maybe things get shuffled. (This would be a reason why it displays the water texture)
  18. I already knew about them, but thanks for trying . It seems like people don't have much suggestions so I'll wait another day and then I'll just assume my method is fine and that there are no tutorials on NetworkManager. Ohh... my fault, Sorry.
  19. the StateMapperBase implements IStateMapper. It only have an "automated" Map generating and a method to create the string from the IBlockState
  20. You should lock at the Forge FakePlayers (created in ForgeFakePlayerFactory ). They extends EntityPlayerMP but doesn't have any netty code.
  21. Then use the EntityInteractEvent and check if the target given by the Event is a player
  22. Look into the EntityEndermen file. The Endermen notice you if you look at him.
  23. I wonderwhy it only happens sometimes, and then every blockstate have this false"block-model" I use a custom state mapper, so if I whould register it at the wrong time couldt it turn out this way ? ModelLoader.setCustomStateMapper(leaves, new StateMapperBase() { @Override protected ModelResourceLocation getModelResourceLocation(IBlockState state) { String s = ((ResourceLocation)Block.blockRegistry.getNameForObject(state.getBlock())).toString(); Map<IProperty, Comparable> map = Maps.<IProperty, Comparable>newLinkedHashMap(state.getProperties()); map.remove(BlockLeaves.CHECK_DECAY); map.remove(BlockLeaves.DECAYABLE); if(state.getValue(BlockFpLeaves.subtype)!=0) { map.remove(BlockFpLeaves.LIGHT); } return new ModelResourceLocation(s, this.getPropertyString(map)); } }); Its called from FMLPreInitializationEvent (with @SideOnly CLIENT)
  24. Here is the Block class https://gist.github.com/mcenderdragon/c58c266513f0fe903a69
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